Sunday, 5 February 2012

To Whom it may concern

The downside of blogging it that you always seem to be upsetting someone with something at sometime.
Now, to me, there are two things that you can do if "one is upset"......
You can have a lively and somewhat infantile debate ( like we often do c/o Tom Stephenson)
or you can just stop reading that particular blog........simples!
Last night I received a somewhat abusive post comment relating to the culling of the pigs. It was graphic, somewhat rude and threatening, and instead of embarking on any discussion with it's author I deleted the comment immediately banning any further comments from someone, who was so strangely....well....... aggressive.

Since we took the decision for the pigs to "go" I have found it interesting that I have lost five followers, perhaps it is just coincidence, after all Blogger seems to be playing up quite a bit recently, but if my deserters are a result of 85 kilos of sausage lying on our kitchen table, so be can't please everyone !

The anonymity of blog land can give some bloggers a certain carte blanche to vent their spleen in ways that they couldn't possibly do (or dare to) in real life ( and before you go off on one Thomas, I am not talking about you...... I know you, in your real life can be a real stinker face to face so to speak!) has happened to me a few times with characters that I once thought stable (oh how wrong was I?).... That is  the problem with blogland , sometimes lunatics can slip under your well homed  nutter radar!

I remember that one affable old duffer that I follow with some loyalty- the bouncy old soul that is (Yorkshire Pudding) - well he had a awful time once, with one particularly nasty character who left a whole novel of abuse on his blog.
As a regular reader, I remember finding the whole thing unnecessary and all rather upsetting...

If you want a fun debate... great!
,If you disagree with an idea, a philosophy or an so respectfully
and if you strongly disagree with anything you read or see...
then..........just fuck off
Life's too short!


  1. Well done for deleting the abuse. The right thing to do. I keep animals for pets and for meat too; like you say;each to their own and dont row about it. Your pigs had a great life and did what they were born to do ie end up as tasty food for people. The people who cannot understand this concept are the same ones who berate me for pheasant shooting;we eat birds which have had a great life rather than intensively reared chicken for example; yet these same folks eat battery hen eggs or meat from intensively farmed not so well looked after animals. Bizarre.

  2. Well said John, I wholeheartedly agree.
    Jo xx

  3. this is a difficult time for you, anyone who follows you at all knows this as true - this aspect of farming is not pleasurable (although awfully delicious) - in all seriousness John, you are handling it all so well, peace

  4. Wow - someone left offensive comments because you slaughtered two pigs? I guess it's one of the risks of blogland.

  5. Well done on dealing with that. Funny when I try and comment on their blog.......... They don't have one!

  6. There are some strange folk out here in blogland, that's for sure. I have come across a few bloggers who have been on the receiving end of some pretty nasty, abusive commentators and have often wondered why the latter just don't stop visiting the blogs they find so offensive! Perhaps something a little lacking in their own lives perhaps??

  7. Too right! There are millions of "pet" animals that do not have as good a life as 12 and 21 had. I am so concerned about factory farming that I will only eat meat where I know the source and how it was raised, like the chickens from my local farm where I have seen them raised out of doors on grass. I would gladly join you for your sausage. Enjoy it!

  8. I agree.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy a chop or two for me! ♥

  9. Hear! Hear!
    You can't please all them all the time - only some of them some of the time - or at least something like that

  10. John, I couldn't have done what you did, but that is my problem, not yours. Your pigs were wonderfully well reared, you minimised the stress at the end and that is as good as it can get. No matter what we do in life there will be critics - at least in blogland we can have the pleasure of deleting comments and barring them! Enjoy the meat, it was honestly earned.x

  11. Well said. I know someone who blogs, and the person he writes about in his blog must be who he wants to be as its certainly not the person I see he is. Ive been lucky to meet bloggers (including your good self) who are exactly as they are in their blogs fortunately. xxxxx

  12. I lost a follower after speaking about the culling of our sheep, and I wondered how far to go about being honest with the eating of our own meat. I don't tend to say too much at the moment, but we will be culling the sheep ourselves soon and I wonder what response I shall get if I say too much. I also had an anonymous comment left over something personal which happened here and that did hurt because it was unexpected. But may I say, John, that those of us who are honest about the eating of our meat and are aware of the food chains, that we are totally in support of you. Your pigs were well cared for, enjoy them. Blogland can be a cruel place sometimes, but it can also be a caring and supporting one. x

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  14. Well said John. Whoever it was that left the abusive comment needs reminding that if we didn't eat these animals none of them would have lives in the first place.
    As farmers we have to have our stock killed - our cattle and sheep would go for meat when their productive lives were over. But while we had them we would ensure that they had a happy life and when the time came to have them killed they would go to market in as comfortable a way as possible

    Farming is a livelihood like any other. I was truly impressed by how you approached the killing of your two pigs - ensuring that they had a gentle going.

    You are quite right - Tom can be outspoken but you know exactly where you stand with him and you can give him as good as you get - I love blogging with him because, like you, he will tell me the truth as he sees it.

    As far as adverse comments - particularly if they are abusive - go well you have the right answer. Delete.

    Have just read Joto and truly agree.

  15. I don't usually go on so much about a negative comment, however this particular person was rather personal and threatening in their arguement... I was in two minds whether to report him(?) to blogger
    ( I still may do!)

  16. Thinking my comment inappropriate and making light of the whole situation, I stopped back by to delete my first comment and apologize to you if it was...But I see your comment, John saying that this person was 'personal and threatening.' I would report them and say the same thing as you have!

  17. You said from the start the pigs were for the freezer, and after them getting a taste for chicken, it had to happen.

  18. Really weird how some people sink to abuse to get their opinions across. Well done for deleting.

    I admit that when I saw the subject of your last post I chose not to read it because I knew it wouldn't make me smile. That was easy, wasn't it? No need to write abuse or stop following. Just skip that particular post.

    I'm still a follower and you'll still continue to make me smile and laugh with your grand way of telling a tale. Thanks.

  19. It's your blog and you say what you want.
    I've had a few unpleasantnesses...and one really foul person who was gloating about my husband's I banned him/her.

  20. I'm sorry that you've had some trouble, John. My lady couldn't eat any animal that she raised unless it was a really serious situation but she commends those who can raise animals with kindness and then dispatch them with dignity and live off the harvest. Those pigs had a lovely time with you...much better than any pig has in a commercial pig operation. xoxo

  21. Dear John, I love your blog, in fact I read it everyday! I remember when you got the pigs they were for dinner someday. I think you did wonderful by them. They lived a wonderful life, and now they pay you back by feeding you! When a chicken stops producing eggs you cull it, when a dairy cow no longer produces milk it gets culled. those are the Facts of life. I wonder if whoever left you that nasty post has every raise animals for food...Don't worry lost readers are nothing. I am sure before you know it they will sneak back in to read your awesome blog!!

  22. John, me ol' fruit bat's willy warmer, I am a fairly militant vegan animal treatment advocate with a tongue that is occasionally akin to a breadknife, but... when I saw the title of your blog post regarding the fate of the porkers I simply didn't read it!

    The world's a messy compromise from start to finish and most of it's not mine to browbeat into submission. For e.g., Joto and I appear to have no common ground upon which to base a discussion. I enjoy (the rest of!) your blog very much - so I'll just skip over the bits that involve you know what. I do the same with food blogs - too meaty and I just don't read again until the next post. S'easy, you picks and you chooses! Tis but manners methinks.

    That said, provided that you're in the mood, the occasional numpty lurker-troll on your blog can be fun and ripe for a wind-up! Go on - name and shame and let's have some fun!

  23. I hope you do report him/her to Blogger [although I suspect they'd find a way to get around a ban] I also hope you didn't take what they said to heart.

  24. Well said Fred... er... I mean, John!

    Now, can I have more sausage...


  25. The online account of the slaughter of animals is always going to bring you vegan abuse, John, but it's good to disabuse your more gullible readers that you are not all sweetness and light - as I do on a regular basis. This is why blogging takes place in Blogtopia, where we can all pretend to be something that we are not always in real life.

    I don't know why you should take this opportunity to single me out and publicly call me a 'stinker' - I call that highly ungrateful. How many little gifts have I sent you in the last year? The metal Scottie sculpture, the DVD you disliked so much that you didn't even bother to thank me for it, etc.

    You haven't sent me a sausage.

  26. You never know who is reading John. I lost several followers recently, but even more upsetting, my readership dropped by 1/2 and still is low ever since I posted about a blogging buddy fighting not to have his partner deported because of the US defense of marriage law. I always thought the people who read my blog would be open minded, average people. I guess I was wrong because it now appears that about half are homophobic. Which saddens me, but honestly, just like when a new neighbor or aquaintance reveals to you a certain belief, and you realize that thank God they revealed that before you got stuck into a further friendship with them, I am relived. At least the ones left that still comment and chat with me know where I stand and I know who I am "talking" to.

    I don;t mind a snarly comment or disagreement, and although Tom has occasionally pissed me off, I truly appreciate the fact that he leaves the comment with his name (although alias) and link to his blog, so I can go back and bitch at him.

    Your anon was a coward. I wonder if he wears leather boots.

  27. Well, this particular vegan still loves you!
    Jane xx

  28. sigh...why can't the world just play nice?

  29. In the same way that the Google Earth image of my arse hanging out of a window somewhere in Bath, is purportedly turning John straight, Raz, his spats directed toward me (on occasion) have come close to turning me homophobic. Sometimes it's hard to divorce one's perception of of other's life-styles from from reality, but I try.

  30. Well done John! This reminds me of when I USED to visit chat rooms years ago. The 'room' would be having a wonderful conversation with everyone joining in and then some would 'enter' the room and start ranting about the discussion. People would start 'leaving' and going to other 'rooms' but it wasn't long before it would happen again. It seems there are those who are determined to upset matter what. I think you did the right thing by deleting and blocking that person. I'm sure they'll be off to find another 'victim' shortly if they haven't already. Enjoy your sausage!
    Maura X

  31. Ha! I await the day also, that the lunatic (love that) spots a post and they HAVE to leave their comment. Like you, I'ld take it personally and be pissed. Years ago, I couldn't even do the annual shots for prevention on my I can chop off a mangled leg and nurse that animal like a professional or take it to butcher! Life is a bitch sometimes, but I know I can handle more than the average! I'll be the one they look to when all hell breaks loose too, Funny thing though, I might eat the weak!

  32. Anonymous1:39 pm

    up here in the peanut gallery...I'm shouting a loud AMEN!

    Even though as this stage in my life I consider myself a vegetarian...I've basically eaten meat all my life. Plus I've lived on a "farm" where chickens, pig (only one), and calves played a vital role in our meat consumption (and the occasional fish, deer, rabbit, and wild turkey). Meat does not come in nice neat little packages from the corner butcher or the comes from living breathing animals.

    You treated 12 and 21 with respect and dignity! I know I'm obtuse a lot of the time but what the heck is the problem!

  33. John, I'm reassured to hear you also delete comments you find unacceptable, despite risking the inevitable screams of "censorship". Abusive and threatening comments are not welcome on anyone's blog. I'm sorry you got caught up in my own little "censorship" fracas just recently.

    Even though I'm a vegetarian of 37 years' standing, I certainly wouldn't go off in a huff simply because you're a meat-eater prepared to kill one or two animals for the purpose. You'd do have to do something much more heinous than that.

  34. I agree with the deletion of abusive comments John. Sometimes though it's better to have a go back publicly, just to highlight what utter tossers these folk are sometimes (TS is superb at this).

    Now, where are my chops you pig killing f****r!

    (farmer lol)xx

  35. So sorry you've had a rotten comment...most unpleasant husband is vegan..I am not...we respect each others choice....
    Clearly you are a lover of animals..and they are treated beautifully...
    I eat hamburger but I rescue a moth in the shower...and even dry his little may not make sense but there it is...
    I love your blog and I am staying!!!!!!!!

  36. Well, I'm a recent reader, and now a follower. Husband and I are meat eaters, we don't keep animals as it's forbidden in our (rented) property. If we could, however, I wouldn't want to kill them for meat, I'm far too soft for that. Husband wouldn't have a problem with it though, and we do eat rabbits and pheasant we are sometimes given, with no problem at all.

    I don't know why some people have to be so spiteful.....if it's not the way of life you choose to lead yourself, then that's fine, each to their own, but why object so nastily to someone else's choice?

    Regards, Sooze

  37. Oh for god's sake... if someone is going to get upset about pigs being culled, they should vent that energy on big industrial farms where pigs lead very sad lives, not on you. Your animals are very happy! And whoever complained or left had better be a vegan.

    I eat meat and I got my Christmas turkey from a neighbour who gives her birds very happy lives while they are on this planet.

    I despise people who use internet anonymity as free licence to spew hatred. It's the reason I can't read the comments sections in any news articles. You really do see the worst of humanity coming out when people can hide who they are and let forth with any filth that enters their small minds...

    Good for you for telling them to fuck off!

  38. And well said, Owl Wood! Don't like a post? Don't read it!

  39. So....let me get this've culled five of your followers and turned them into sausages? Blimey! They must have *really* pissed you off.....

  40. Well said John - anonymity creates cowards

  41. Well I love your posts, all of 'em, no matter what they're about. You're brash and funny and screw 'em if they can't take a joke. You did the right thing by deleting him - however, now my personal curiosity has the better of me and I'm, like, MAN I wish I could see what the fuss was all about...
    Now, pass the sausages, will ya? It's Sunday morning here and I'm hungry.

  42. Anonymous2:51 pm

    I think you said it all John, "If you don't like the topic, don't read". I have no patience for cyber bullies. You are a farmer for Pete's sake, what do people expect?

  43. There was a capital letter, word abbreviating, coming to get you ranter posting on a few blogs not too long ago. She was tough to get rid of; most of us temporarily resorted to the security hoops Tom hates so. I can only think how stupid, what a waste of time and brain cells, and all the rest of that. I think they came into the world unhappy, will leave it the same way and feed off their own anger inbetween. I hope you made a good visual of him as you reached for delete. I know a person in real life who can suck the joy from anything, which keeps me on my toes yet takes me by surprise every time. I so agree with you1 Now I'm looking forward to tomorrow's chickens. Did I miss something about the old gal who had a stroke, just like me?

  44. Well said.
    If all pigs and other animals were treated like yours the world would be a much, much better place.
    There are nutters everywhere and it's so illogical that a few nasty words from some numpty can cause upset. I hope all the encouragement makes up for it.

  45. You know John that you can set your blog to prevent "anonymous" from commenting. Go on "settings" then "comments" and second from top "who can comment". Select "registered users" and that should keep those cowards away. That's what I did with my blog... when I had one!


  46. I would never leave an unkind comment on someone’s blog. I am a firm believer if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all in blogland. I was following a blog of an American girl who married a fellow from Orkney and moved to Orkney. One day she posted a long tirade that 9/11 was caused by abortions performed in this country. That it was God’s wrath on the US. I decided right then that she was one crazy woman and I had no need to read anything else she had to say again!!

  47. I am so sorry that you had to experience this. Anyone with one eye and half sense knows that culling is an essential part of farm life...all life.

    The butthead probably left those nasty comments with his/her mouth stuffed with meat.

    I know how difficult it was for you to load your babies, but you did wery well. I feared that spotted one, and I'm sure you grew tired of me telling you.

    Don't let it ruin your breakfast, dear one, let the blogger eat cake...alone!

  48. I rarely comment, but feel the need to here.

    You are correct: the anonymity of blogland allows people who you would not normally meet say things they would never dare to say in a bubbled atmosphere with few consequences.

    Screw 'em.


  49. bloody hell... that got people going!

    tom...... forgive me for singling you out.... I was just making sure that you didnt think I was slagging u off for being an old gob shite on line!!!!!
    sausage in the post!

  50. jon
    I have that setting in place... this person had opened a blog by the look of things to specificially comment on my blog!

  51. I agree John with your 'support group' can't and won't please everyone, no matter how much you try.
    The whole 'animal/vegetarian' debate will go on forever, as it should. But there is no need to get nasty and you were right to delete this character and send him/her into the ether.....

  52. to all
    I think what pricked me the most was the persoanl threat in the message and the fact the person had actually opened a blog in order to comment

    sad git!

  53. Some people need to get a life! I too had a 'stalker' at one time who seemed to take great delight in being ageist, sexist and making sure I know how utterly rubbish my blog was. It's sad really that these people have so little in their own lives that they have to take pleasure in annoying others.
    Now, where are my free sausages!!

  54. Never any excuse for abuse is there?

  55. Well done! You have made this idiot's shame public without giving him the time of day to let others read his nastyness. That's the way it should be. Any vegan, vegetarian, or whatever who is very adamant about keeping their rights to their way of life need to afford anybody else the same privilege. It's a fact of nature that creatures eat each other, and there is nothing wrong with that. One life sustains another. It is only wrong when done cruelly (by humans). There was no cruelty in what you did. Enjoy your sausages!

  56. I'd report him.
    Raising your farm animals is your business, you do so with commitment and dedication.

    I once had a very nasty comment from a lady saying I was demeaning Southerners, because I described a tomato sandwich as a mater sammich, which is how most of us say it anyhow !
    She asked what kind of people I hung out with, they must be extremely low class ???
    Piss off !!
    Take no notice, we all love you and your blog :)

  57. I keep the below pinned up where I can see it. :O)

    "I can only please one person at a time and today is not your day-- tomorrow isn't looking real good either"

    If someone doesn't like a person's blog, mercy sakes then just don't read it. Simple enough. No need to get all ugly about it. geesh.

  58. John, I think you handled this exactly right and I agree with every word. You might reconsider report him?/her? to Blogger though. It's interesting though, how a@#holes show up wherever you are!

    I did read the post, found the pictures both tempting and sad and I couldn't think of a comment to express my feelings -- but I so admire you for the life you lead and the example you set -- full of love and gentleness.

  59. My sentiments exactly - read it, , like it or lump it, comment, but NO ABUSE!

    Well done!

  60. I'm still disappointed that I won't see pictures of John Gray in his bright red Gypsy pig cart, pulled by a pair of black and white spotted and striped 500 lb beribboned and begarlanded pigs, traveling through the village delivering eggs and rescuing folks.

  61. Hey, I'm real good a chewing the knackers off would-be cretins...point the way!

  62. One of the good things about blog life is that I learnt from the horses mouth about many things I'd have no experience of...

  63. But Im still here *waving a hand from over in Montana, USA* ...we not only believe in eating, but we believe in actually raising the "eat" LOL

    IMO life is too short for dumping one's uncalled for sh*t on someone elses life - whether it be a blog, a neighborhood, or country. You have my absolute backing on this... ;)

  64. Number 1: Report the coward - if s/he's not doing it to you anymore on Blogger s/he's doing it to someone else.
    Number 2: I don't know this Tom character but I am headed over to his blog IMMEDIATELY.
    Number 3: I don't like to eat pigs but I respect the fact (and the way) that you do.
    Keep writing!!!

  65. John, I'm wondering how you know that you 'lost' followers. Have they written to say they won't be following? Or did they just not comment (like me). Anyway it looks like all your followers have replied at once to this post!
    I have been following your preparation for slaughter with interest because this new phase of Life that I'm in, opens up the possibility for raising animals for sale. It's something that I could do to supplement my Widow's pension, but I know from reading your experience that I'm still not ready for the big Goodbye. Farming is a way of life that I have grown up around and in spite of having been a vegetarian fro 20 years (no longer) I've always been fascinated with the ritual place in the European calendar of the village pig-killing. Deep-seated, sustaining, celebratory.
    Now then, how about a side order of chitterlings with my love spoon :-)

  66. lady...
    I have found the "proper" raising of the pigs a sort of "growing up" experience... they were looked after well, respected and will be eaten in a similar vein..... ...
    good luck in your venture.....
    ps your spoon will be posted to you this week x

  67. JOHN - I remember those times and I am so glad that that asshole has slid back into the anonymous sewer from which he or she crawled. For a while it made me think I should freeze my blogging activity. I complained to Blogger but the internet's freedom seems to mean that nasty numbskulls like that can say what the hell they want

  68. I just read 101 comments!

    Knatolee made the same point I'll make - your animals were fed and treated properly (no hormones, species appropriate food, no unnecessary antibio's,no cages, no speed-up growth rates, etc.) especially when compared to mass market meats.

    What's so surprising about a farmer raising animals for food? That's like being surprised a taylor cut cloth to make a suit.

  69. Anonymous1:31 am

    What I miss when I don't check the blogs I follow on a daily basis! And after reading 72 comments -- all expressing good points -- I can't really can't add anything new.

  70. Sorry someone felt it necessary to vent his spleen at you. You're right, or course. Life is much too short to waste it by stooping to crappy behavior.

  71. I don't mind a debate, because it's often how i've learned something, even if it's simply a differing point of view or how i really feel about something.

    But, abuse is uncalled for, and threats should be reported.

    stupid git. Wonder if he's related to the rancid slag?


  72. megan... that's my girl!!!

  73. I've often said that if we all were to have to raise and process the food we eat (as a society), our opinions would change greatly.

    It is interesting that certain types will scream against animal crualty and yet blindly eat whatever is available in the grocery store or restaurant without so much as a question of where the meat came from or how it was treated.

    I'm looking forward to following your blog very much!


  74. Anonymous5:34 am

    I'm fond of a straight forward response myself (especially anything with the word f--k in it.) :-)

    I love having full editorial control over comments on my blog. It makes me feel just like a little blog-god. (EVERY day is judgement day in Odd-land!)


  75. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Well put, John!
    from Vegetarian Donna


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