Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sans Everything

Hedydd Dylan as Rosalind and Alex Felton as Orlando
Last Night we went to Theatre Clwyd to see perhaps the easiest of all Shakespeare's romps to understand...Terry Hand's production of  As You Like It.
Now Shakespeare isn't quite my cup of tea, but apart from some painful overacting from the obese actor playing Touchstone, I absolutely loved this version of the play.
My enjoyment was primarily down to the  Welsh actress, Hedydd Dylan who played Rosalind , for it was her faultless delivery and timing that most impressed me and the audience. Indeed,in the second act, when she turned on the selfish shepherdess Phoebe with the line "Sell while you can... you are not for all markets" the place was in uproar.

I was equally impressed with Philip Bretherton who played the melencholey Jaques,,,for me  it is his character that has the lion's share of the most moving lines "sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste sans everything!"
A cracking description of the seventh age of man.

It was nice to do something "adult" for a change
Phillip Bretherton (far left) with the cast


  1. Who, I wonder, played Touchstone? Does the director not see what we see?

  2. Sounds like a good night out. Thanks for a reminder of the source of that inescapable line.

  3. Anonymous10:11 am

    Oh, John, I too sure am "not for all markets". Neither do I sell (out).

    And some of us may end up sans everything but will have accumulated an invaluable sackful of a lifetime's experiences. Which is why it's such a pity that we die, don't you think? All that wisdom six foot under: What a waste!


  4. Such a civilised life you lead, old boy!

    I am off for a wash in the river.

  5. hippo (tom)
    yesterday I was covered in chicken shit and natural yogurt ( a long story) it was nice just to be clean and feel I was doing something vaguely "city -ish" for a change

    you are "mad as a box of frogs" xxxx

  6. This is one of the Bard's plays I haven't seen. Sounds fun. We go to see whatever is on in the grounds of a castle nearby every summer - often A Midsummer night's dream, Romeo & Juliet but last year it was a hilarious all male version of The Taming of the Shrew.

  7. Sheesh! Everyone's a critic!

  8. glad you enjoyed your "adult" night out,

    Gill in Canada

  9. We go to a Shakespeare festival ever year. Love the Bard.

    Glad you enjoyed your evening. Your reviews are always well done.

  10. And nice to get out for an evening. Something I should try on occasion!

  11. I think my Dad may get a 'kick' out of that expression.....'the seventh age of man'....sans everything! He's getting pretty close!! Actually he is in the 'ninth age of man', I guess.

    Shakespeare has always made me very alert. I used to love presenting his work to my students.....the simplified version of course. They were always amazed at what and how he said things. Of course there were a few who thought be was a bit crazy too! lol

  12. A quote from Shakespeare...and I'm anybodys!
    Jane x

  13. I love As You Like It and agree that it is probably the easiest of his plays to understand. It has not got the depth and angst of Othello, McBeth etc. but it is far more enjoyable. Having reached the age of sans teeth, sans everything - I know exactly what he means!

    Let me know about gilt/board won't you.

  14. Thanks John for bringing a touch of calss into my own natural yogurt and chicken shit world. Now if I just knew how to pronounce the lovely lead ladys name , Hel-leed? Hil-lad ? oh bother.

  15. "Mad as a box of frogs." heh

  16. EARL GRAY Zounds damned spot and prithee tarry here thou minister of flaming light should I repent me. Henceforth to Trelawnyd where Falstaff shalt engage the guinea fowled enemy therein and when the battle's lost or won to riseth from yon Welsh pismire as Newmarket e'ermore.
    LADY GLADYS It shall be done my Lord.

  17. The second "sans teeth" should have of course be "sans taste". It may have been an accurate description at the time but wouldn't necessarily apply nowadays. I'm in the seventh age myself but am not yet sans anything, except some of my sense of smell. Sounds like an entertaining production of the play.

  18. whoops nick... I knew that!!!

  19. Anonymous8:35 pm

    My favourite Shakespearean play is Troilus and Cressida.

  20. This afternoon before she went off to play Scouse Linda, Bryony was getting into Ophelia: "Rosemary, that's for rembrance," etc. Ooh I do love all that botany.


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