Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Moan From Myfanwy

myfanwy said...
"Shameful stereotyping on your part. The fact that the pensioners were from Liverpool is irrelevant."

She was in fact unhappy at my stereotyping of the scouse grey hairs in my previous "old people fighting over the eggs blog entry" (

And of course she is right.... it was wrong of me to stereotype Liverpudlians as battling old gits with no manners and I am sorry if she took umbrage .....

As it happens my   mother was born and bred in Liverpool( Everton)..... having said that.. I must admit my mother was a bit of a battling old git......who in her latter years would have quite happily bitch slapped any woman who pushed ahead of her in a queue!!!

Have a nice day!


  1. Anonymous5:48 pm

    It is what it is.

  2. He he! My ex-MIL was from Liverpool, as were her mother and father. Gotta say the x-mil was NOT a lovely person, but she did put on airs and pretend to be the Queen of England...hoping us uncouth Americans didn't know the difference!! (Her mum was a wonderful lady though.)

  3. Is it like saying, 'I have nothing against gays, some of my best friends are gay!'
    I knew someone (and it wasn't me this time) would take exception to your comment in that post, John.

  4. oh jim.... I was soooooooooooooooo being ironic xxx
    that's why I said it for I too get irritated by people who say the same sort of things!!!!
    perhaps I should put up a little sign
    everytime I get flippant!!!

  5. If you want to find out what hostile, belligerent, stroppy old women are really like, take a trip to Canada and try walking in the path of mybabyjohn/Delores's 4x4.

  6. I can't stand Paul McCartney and he's from Liverpool. And also an old git now too, although admittedly male.

    Always moaning about spending double on his new wife's shoes.

  7. Just found you, and I'll be back :D

  8. Well when we old farts who use stereotypcial analogies to get to the heart of a story finaly die off, the world will be a blander place.

  9. Hi John, have just left a comment with blog address on the previous post regarding a blog about bulldog babies, know you will love it.
    Just in case you don't go back and read the last post.

  10. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Hi John, followed for ages, first time I've left you a comment. Quite simply, if the reader does not like what she reads, err, read another day/something else?
    Your blog is delightful, it is YOUR blog, and an insight into the life YOU lead written by YOU.
    Ok, Off me 'old soapbox now!
    "Carry on everybody, there's nothing to see here.."

  11. People are going to grouse. Pbbt on them if they can't take a joke...


  12. One of my best friends at school was Liverpuddlian. She seemed very exotic, and maybe her family left Liverpool for NZ for good reason. Completely beside the point, my daughter is practising hard her scouse accent for her role as Linda in the musical, Blood Brothers.

    BTW I might add that last photo of you to my pin-up list of top 10 dishy blokes :-)

  13. I just had to reassure H.I. that the title of this post was not "A Moan From My Fanny".

  14. Hmm, you could have used any location for the bickering old biddies origin, argh. Some people just have to get cranky. I get that way myself at times.

  15. can't please everyone I guess!!

    Gill in Canada

  16. No 'signs' needed John! Just keep being yourself....that's why we all come back to see you! You are bound to get feedback whether you like it or not. But we all luv ya!
    And yes, that photo of you is a good one for sure!

  17. When I was at Uni in Liverpool (at the ripe old age of 30-lots) I complained to a local one day that I hated living in a city where off-licences need bullet proof glass between the till and the customers; where you have to pay for your petrol before you serve yourself after dark; where you can expect to be mugged about every other year; where I averaged a car break-in about every nine months. I was berated for my complaint and told I just wasn't used to living in a city.

    Some time later two of the Scousers went on a training course to York and when they came back one of them asked me why I hadn't told them they lived in a sh*thole.

    Erm... 'because you'd have punched me you Scouse idiot!'

    They just don't realise they're very different from the rest of the world.

  18. I thought bitch-slap was what you were suppose to do! Thanks for the prodding to get back to blogging.

  19. People do not (usually) like being told of how they appear as others see them!

    I appreciate honesty and I am always willing to listen to criticism - I may 'bristle' a bit, but, I will take it on board!

  20. Battling old gits are everywhere. Thank goodness.

  21. Pernicious aeneimia is all i'm saying. Get a jab!!!!! Gaz is a different man for 2 months (then he;s a git for the 3rd month!!!!! till he gets his jab again!!!!!) But he doesn't like scousers at all actually. xxxxx

  22. A bitch slapping Liverpud. Love the image just not sure how to translate it into soap. I see alot of brown colors

  23. From Tom, who makes me laugh as much as you do: "If you want to find out what hostile, belligerent, stroppy old women are really like, take a trip to Canada." HAR! When he's right, he's right.

  24. Oh John, you never fail to ake me smile, how ever early in the morning. I have a few in law relations from my first marriage who are Liverpudlian (Crosby) and a dear friend is also from Crosby. These big cities, particularly when they are also huge ports, breed 'em tough.
    You had to be tough to survive and you never lose that toughness. You know what they say - as we get older our worst faults magnify (not sure where that leaves me).

  25. A location gives colour. Liverpool, Glasgow, Newcastle; they all offer an instant picture. If they don't like it, they can always get out.

  26. Hehe.

    Hope you're having a good Sunday, John!


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