Friday, 3 February 2012

The 4 Tribes Of Trelawnyd

 My sister in law called around yesterday, I had missed our weekly "coffee and cake" meet up as I had fallen asleep in arm chair, warmed into slumber by a blanket of fluffy Welsh Terriers and tired out by that morning's altercation with a trailer trash hag who ruined my morning by trying to bully free petrol out of a teenage petrol pump attendant.

It is just eight weeks since my brother died, but what with Christmas, New Year and the anniversary of his Birthday all part of those two months, his death seems  almost  an age away now.
It's a weird thought....

Andrew at my 2009 Open Allotment Day
 Jayne watched the field for a while after she parked and after hearing all about the blind Rooster Cogburn she watched the hens milling around the gate and said "Everyone of them has a story to tell"....
she seemed surprised...after all hens are only hens........

Just recently I have realised that the hen population  on the field has evolved into four distinct tribes or factions. Three of the four tribes now have their own cockerel leader where the fourth has an alpha female in charge, and each group have chosen to inhabit their own corner of the field.

The Tribe of the West is the most eclectic of the tribes.Led by the diminutive Eric, it comprises of the remaining crackhead whores,  a bullied arucana and her team mate Phylis Diller (Below) and three shy re homed Wellsummers
 The Tribe of the North comprises of all seven of the oldest hens on the field which have been joined by the three of the crackhead whores who arrived bald and damaged from a year's mistreatment by their over randy cockerel . These hens are all now fully re feathered and healthy birds and all three have just started to lay again, a sign of good condition ,  
I have found it rather amusing that the youngest and most inexperienced cockerel, Badger has taken over as leader in this coop. Some readers may remember that he was the single chick that survived a fatal badger attack on his mother last spring and alone and lonely was luckily teamed up with Camilla the gosling when she arrived.
Badger with Camilla
Badger now!
 The Tribe of the East, is the "front of house" group of hens on the field, for their designated area is the most sociable and most visual to anyone passing by in the lane. Subsequently the hens in this tribe are the most confident and the most pushy, for they are the ones that always benefit from scraps and bread donated by villagers.
Stanley, the old cockerel, interestingly enough has moved hen houses with his trusty white guinea fowl, Angostura in tow, to "take charge" of the Tribe of the East. which comprises of seven re homed orpingtons and a large group of bog standard red hens that arrived last year after being mistreated by their owner.

The last distinct group on the field is the Tribe of the South. This is a rag tag group of geeks, shy saddos and lonely hens.from three coops, who like to hide away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.They always remind me of those kids at school that never played with anyone at break time, you remember the ones?, the kids that read their books on the periphery of the action, wanting to join in but not having the confidence to do so
Their "leader" is Lillian, a white hefty Orpington, who enjoys peace ,quiet and periods of warm is not a coincidence that their part of the field remains in the sun for the majority of the day
Lilliam.....a gal not to be messed with

 ......yeap Jayne was right...... every hen has a story.......


  1. I just love that scraggy looking chicken with the pink stripe - that's my kind of chicken!

  2. I agree with Tom that is indeed a very strange looking chicken, is it alright?

    Gill in Canada

  3. Anonymous12:32 pm

    OH! JOHN! You are tugging at my heart strings and spoiling me for choice which tribe to join. Not being as hefty as the good Lillian - yet not averse to a spot of sunshine, peace and quiet myself - I might make a good side kick to her. Second in command as it were - on days she is indisposed.

    I like the sound of Eric. He must have been a social worker in a previous life.

    And what Badger may lack in stature, a bit like Woody Allen, he makes up for by giving a therapist a lot to work with.

    Occasionally I will venture over and call on the tribe of the East, for afternoon tea. Not because I am greedy. But because I like humans - passing, front of house. Just don't expect me to lay an egg.

    Clucked, yours,

  4. "I had fallen asleep in arm chair, warmed into slumber by a blanket of fluffy Welsh Terriers"

    Sounds blissful :-)

  5. What news of the piggies?

  6. cro
    I will be picking up the meat tomorrow!

  7. I love reading the tales of your chooks. You should write a book, John - bet you've heard that a few times haven't you?! All four of your tribes are ace! Love the image of the geeky tribe! Bless em all! x

  8. Who'd have thought a person could become so fond of chickens...they just have a way of touching the heart. You've got quite the group there John and I love how they've all found their place in your field. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Maura :)

  9. love reading about your feathered tribes--it really does sound like the school playground.
    With the freezing weather we've been having -7C this morning!! We've gained a blanket of cats. They rotate between us.

  10. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Badger is a beauty.

  11. Lillian makes me think of Mrs. Slocombe for some reason.

    Totally love Phylis.

  12. Human or chicken seems there always has to be groups :O)Lillian is sure a beauty is she not.

  13. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Badger reminds me of our "Rooster Brewster" from years ago...I love all your chickens...that they have tribes is interesting!

  14. "Badger now" image--soggy and gray! 'Gotta re-think my plan to emigrate to northern Wales.

  15. Is Beatrice in the Tribe of the South, or has she been one of the ones who didn't survive the winter? And what about Vinegar Tits? Is she still with Rooster Cogburn, or has she joined the tribe of the North?

    yes, every hen has a story to tell it seems, and in some cases, there are sagas!


  16. Megan
    Beatrice is still in her own run away from the others.... the nearest "tribe" to her is the Tribe of the West!
    as for vinegar tits she is still with Rooster cogburn and remains under par!

  17. You're right John, time does slip away. Brilliant pics. Badger has come on leaps and bounds. And Eric ... he looks like a mini version of Rod Stewart

  18. Badger looks very splendid indeed. I wonder how they decided to divide up the territory..

  19. We are very much alike. I love hearing about your tribes. It sounds like you are smack in the center. Ah. Life can be so sweet. It can. Even in it's sorrow there is a certain amount of energy that reminds us we are alive and breathing able to begin again-- any second of any day. I loved this post.
    xx crow

  20. Badger has grown into a great looking rooster!
    Thanks for sharing their stories again. :)

  21. I'd be very much in the South tribe. The geeking sad one with reading glasses, that's last to be picked. That's me.

    I've enforced my tribes and fenced them in. Despite that there have been numerous defections that I've just given in to and reluctantly allowed. I'm mocked even by chickens LOL!

    You can't hurry love John.

  22. I love these stories, but I love them more because you have to be a watchful person to know all this....

  23. ...and they have their own language. As a child, I use to pride myself on talking to the chickens in their language.

    Good to know all are settled and happy.

  24. Good Morning John! I enjoyed starting my day reading about your 'tribes.' I think the same could be said about our dogs. Even though we live as a pack, each dog has its place and a story.

    I do hope your day is an enjoyable one!

  25. Hope Phyllis feathers out and becomes a beautiful Cinderella. I love all the names you come up with... they are if not exactly a delight certainly amusing.

  26. This sounds like a description of "Lord of the Flies." Badger is stunning!

  27. Yep m-every hen has a story John, but they have not enough brain to remember it.

  28. I just found your blog and have been enjoying reading through your posts!

    I must say, you had me hooked just with your banner picture of your chickens! I am glad that I am not the only one who has ladies that get right up in the camera lens when I am snapping photos.

  29. Anonymous7:52 pm

    I am slow reading my blogs over the last week. But I love your description of your chicken society. I will have to pay more attention to my tribes.


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