Wednesday, 18 January 2012

There's Some sun In The Distance

The sun was shining yesterday and the village was galvanised into some sort of it is cold , damp and grey and the place is deserted and somewhat depressingly quiet.
Tom  over at "Tom Stephenson recalls",  has summed up this mid winter feeling so well, referring to it as the January Blues......for me, this time of year means just one thing----mud!; it means a constant battle with shitty paw prints on the kitchen floor and it means caked wellington boots and dirty, chillblained hands.

We all need a little hope in January don't we?
We need a glimpse of better things to come, some good news, some positive thinking.....
and at least here in our tiny corner of Wales, I think there are small islands of positivity to celebrate and to look forward to.

1. The Post Office makes a welcome return to the village in a month or two. 
Ok it will be only be set up on a Friday afternoon over at the village hall, and of course we still won't have the accompanying shop and newsagent services we used to have when Jenny the flamed haired post mistress fought her way through the reams of paperwork at the old Central Stores but it is a wonderful baby step at keeping the village functioning.
I looking forward in manufacturing a sudden need for  stamps and banking every Friday!

Historically the Post Office has moved sites at least 4 times over the years

2. A committee has just been formed up at the Crown Pub, to sort out some sort of Village Celebration to commemorate the Queen's Jubilee in June. I think this is a cracking idea, especially as I have decided not to hold my  "Open Allotment Day" until next year and I have already said that I am more than happy to help out with anything the committee comes up with.
In this age where people only seem to make the effort to look after themselves, any altruistic enterprise, in my mind should be celebrated, supported and encouraged.....
Now....where's my bunting?

Trelawnyd Coronation Carnival 1953

3. With the pigs' imminent departure, I have decided that 2012 will be the year that the allotment will go from strength to strength. The Ukrainian village will be having a full face lift and I aim to have a couple of milking goats this year.......milk, cheese, self sufficiency in veg and who knows.... more piglets in July perhaps......
and of course more waifs and strays will be turning up with gay abandon over the next few months.....

4. and I will be going to Choir practise this year.........losing Andrew underlines that old hackneyed saying...." life's too short"

And as the Two Ronnies used to say "and finally"
here is a blog header that will lift your spirits... it's a candid shot from
Enjoy xxx


  1. Oh, you're right ... that picture is priceless! As for the January blues, when the weather isn't giving you much in the way of blue skies and sunshine, you just have to make your own. Sounds like you're off to a good start. Sing, man, sing!

  2. 'Now....where's my bunting?'
    You're in blogland, John. Your expected to make your own.

    So glad to read about the return of your post office. Too many things are being moved into the big towns leaving villages empty except for dwellings. I hope the Friday buisness it generates will show the authorities how wrong they were to close it in the first place.

  3. That bottom picture is a hoot John - and yes we all need a lift of the spirits this time of the year. I am going to see War Horse tonight and taking plenty of paper hankies.

  4. 'Tis a gloomy time of year indeed but cheerful bloggers like yourself can lift the spirits. Keep us smiling John.

  5. Pryvit

    I Vladimir from Ukraine.

    Why you compare small, small farm in tiny country with village in Ukraine? You been Ukraine? You ever come her, drink Slavutych (won gold medals, you won gold medals?) you seen Ukrainian chicken? You visit Ukrainian farm? We Ukraine, we say bad thing Wale farm? Why say bad thing Ukraine?

    I spit on your chicken, Ptooh!!

    You name place. I bring Ukrainian chicken, he kick shit out your chicken

    Then I give Salvutych and we drink. In morning you stop nasty about Ukraine. Ukraine much bigger than Wale, Gregoriev say Wale men only Irish men who no swim. All Ukranian man swim, I show you when I bring chicken. When my chicken kill your chicken we swim Ireland, drink Irish Salvutych and swim back. Then I show you how build real house for chicken.

    I read your blog, I think you nice man but stupid, You do work for woman, feed animal. You need Babushka. Mebbe I bring Babushka for you, no? She good. Beat her in morning she work hard and sleep with chicken when snow come and fry kovbasa in morning for you made from pigs you kill. All Ukrainian man like kill pig. If you no like kill, Babushka do it.

    Do pobachennya

  6. vlad....
    I apologise for my lack of diplomacy
    as for a Babuska.......tried it............wouldn't do it again x

  7. Hippo
    "Dos vedanya Tovarisch!"

  8. Utterly refuse to join in these January blues. Love the header photo.

  9. Nice to read that you are making a positive start to 2012. Hope the year goes well for you.

  10. Hilarious comment from Hippo/Vlad!!! lol

    Now to that 1953 photo! What is really going on there? Looks like a modern day Gay Pride parade!

  11. I'm not gonna argue with those doggies! That one in teh middle looks MEAN.

  12. I don't understand the problem with the name of your small farm.
    But I'm glad to hear about the Post Office. Hope it stays this time.

    Hope you have fun with the Jubilee Celebration!

  13. Good one Hippo!

    I think it's great you're going to sing in the choir John and that the PO is back even if limited!

    Used to have lovely red clay mud in Virginia...messy stuff that stained clothes, dog feet, etc. So you have my sympathy for the mud situation!

    I figured it was about time for piggy to become pork roast!

    You and the menagerie stay warm and dry John!

  14. Good one Hippo!

    I think it's great you're going to sing in the choir John and that the PO is back even if limited!

    Used to have lovely red clay mud in Virginia...messy stuff that stained clothes, dog feet, etc. So you have my sympathy for the mud situation!

    I figured it was about time for piggy to become pork roast!

    You and the menagerie stay warm and dry John!

  15. Yes, there IS some sun in the distance. Here, i'm noticing the days are getting just a wee bit longer, and we finally have snow. Brillant sunshine today, and i hope to enjoy at least a few minutes of it.

    Glad to hear the P.O. is returning on at least a limited basis. Sprig of hope, there.

    I like that you've decided to help out with the village celebration and that you're joining the choir. :0) I'm looking at some night classes here that i'd love to take and am going to take at least one. It has nothing to do with anything in my life, but it sounds fun, so why not?

    I do hope you do before and after photos of the Ukranian village, so we can ooh and aah. Maybe Hippo/Vlad really CAN help ;-)


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