Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hippo Comment

 One of the better comments to my blog ( see previous entry)
Thanks Hippo


I Vladimir from Ukraine.

Why you compare small, small farm in tiny country with village in Ukraine? You been Ukraine? You ever come her, drink Slavutych (won gold medals, you won gold medals?) you seen Ukrainian chicken? You visit Ukrainian farm? We Ukraine, we say bad thing Wale farm? Why say bad thing Ukraine?

I spit on your chicken, Ptooh!!

You name place. I bring Ukrainian chicken, he kick shit out your chicken

Then I give Salvutych and we drink. In morning you stop nasty about Ukraine. Ukraine much bigger than Wale, Gregoriev say Wale men only Irish men who no swim. All Ukranian man swim, I show you when I bring chicken. When my chicken kill your chicken we swim Ireland, drink Irish Salvutych and swim back. Then I show you how build real house for chicken.

I read your blog, I think you nice man but stupid, You do work for woman, feed animal. You need Babushka. Mebbe I bring Babushka for you, no? She good. Beat her in morning she work hard and sleep with chicken when snow come and fry kovbasa in morning for you made from pigs you kill. All Ukrainian man like kill pig. If you no like kill, Babushka do it.

Do pobachennya


  1. Well,what more could one possibly say? Except that he may just have a point - if only you could figure out what it is.

  2. Ha ha, you well and truly pee'd him off didn't you! Such a funny post. Love it. S x

  3. Anonymous6:45 pm

    That's a beauty John. You've been well and truly put in your place. However, one small point, I'd like to see Vladimir try to give one of your village ladies a good beating. I'm willing to bet there would no "fried anything" for breakfast the next day.

  4. What else could your heart desire when you've got somebody to do all the nasty jobs and then sleep with the chickens?

  5. LMAO!

    Maybe you could ask Vlad to stop trying to hack into my bank account whilst you've got him John.

  6. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Good one Hippo!

    Love the photo of the lady in Babushka!

  7. Next up a Georgian? That would be good. Those men can really sleep with chickens.

  8. You may have to bring in reinforcements from Rhyl.
    That'll show 'em who's boss around them parts !

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. bizarre . . . . and . . . funny !

  11. I'm a chicken after reading that, товарищ!

  12. Too funny. My favorite line is where he says the Welsh are Irishmen who can't swim. I'm not even exactly sure what that's supposed to MEAN, but it's funny!

  13. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Vladimir sounds like my kind of man. Be still my beating heart.

  14. Well the Irishmen who could swim are in Ireland....

  15. THE best comment I've seen in a while!!! Go Vlad Go!

  16. Perfect all the way from the "you insulted me" to the "let's drink and we will be best friends forever" Ukrainian standard operating procedure.

    (I'm so geeky, I read the post out loud with my fantastic Ukrainian accent!)

  17. I his wife's chicken could kick all of our butts!


  18. redo ---

    I BET his wife's chicken could beat all of our butts!



  20. Ewwww sorry 'bout the caps

  21. Sorry I offend peeple. I drunk.

    My Babushka calling me now. She want hot milk so she sleep. I try get milk but cow run away. I sang to her, I sang Cow, come to me, sweet like Ivan Rebroff, she still run. I never beat cow, why she run?

    Maybe cos Ivan Rebroff he Russian.

    Bye Bye internet peeple. I sleep in shed with chicken. No milk Babuska is real bad. I bring her to you Mr. John Gray, yes?

    Meester Chris, Gregorio say your account rubbish so we stop.

    Susan Flett Swiderski, how come you have name so long? Christian name of woman must be 'Wife of'. Babushka GZ answer your question about Wale man who cannot swim.

    Kit and Kaboodle and Nurse Myra, I clean chicken shed now, you come but no knock on fence, just climb over, my Babushka still pissed, I still no catch bastard cow for milk. Is OK say bastard? I still learning English.

    Gregorio say I get to England, they give me BIG house, keep many babushkas and chicken.

    HOA Mgr Lady, you think I spam? You think we in Ukraine spam? I busy waiting for two babushkas, Kit and Kaboodle and Nurse Myra, climb over fence so need to catch bloody cow so my babushka get milk and go sleep and not look in clean chicken shed tonight.

  22. I just left a note for my husband telling him I am leaving him for Vladimir's wife. She had me at "kill pig"

  23. Well, that brightened my morning! :) Hippo needs to get a Blog methinks...

  24. Anyone who lists "The odd angry shot" amongst their favourite movies would have to be OK with me. Come to Aussie, Hippo, we get pissed and shoot red headed Welshman named Jones!

    Давайте вместе напиться

  25. Anonymous9:16 am



  26. ROFL So damned funny! I love Mr. Hippo. Hee hee, if you can't start the day with a great 'pissing match' why the hell bother to roll out of the blogs at all? Good Morning and watch out for that bastard cow.

    Mad box of frogs signing off,

  27. This can not be real......or is it?

  28. Wow, Hippo/Vlad, i see you already have two blogs, but i'm thinking a third one might be needed. 'The world according to Vlad' or something like that.


  29. Best comments ever...

  30. I Vladimir from Kyyiv. I grateful, I very please with nice thing people from small island UK say. I work hard, smuggle cigarrete, soon I have enough pay lawyer visa get big house village Kensington, you all come we drink Slavutych, eat pig and chicken.

    Nice man Saint from Wale say I no beat babushka no more. He nice man so I say, OK Meester Saint Gray, I only beat Babushka when she make me mad so please Miss Mybabyjohndelores (this English name or she Gipsy?) I no beat small village babushka. I read Human Right Law.

    Meester Tom Stephenson, you say Stalin chicken beat Ukraine chicken? You crazy? You red communist bastard, no?

    I read blog Going Gently so I learn English, get big house village Kensington. Sister of Blog say I need blog. I think sister of blog has good idea, I make blog too.

    I call blog: I Vladimir from Kyyiv, Mamma Babushka of all Russian City but now Capital Ukraine

    I sorry if English no good, I still learn.


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