Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Postie Big Up

Don't you just love the Post Office sometimes..
Today I received a lovely Christmas Card from a person who reads the blog. I am sure they won't mind me sharing the rather original way they addressed the envelope
It said

Mr John Gray (John-the-dogs-Gray)
Organiser, Trelawnyd Flower Show + allotment day
Caretaker of pigs,fowl,dogs and Albert the cat

It made my day!


  1. Haha, awesome! :D

    However I think you may just be fishing for more Christmas cards ;)

  2. Wow. I am sure they knew it would get to the right person. You are one of a "kind".

  3. I want a post man like yours, ours has something stuck up her butt which prevents her delivering things to us poor thing!!!!

    Gill in Canada

  4. kyna......memememememememme!

  5. What a wonderful way to address a letter. They wanted the right John to receive it.

  6. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Absolutely fabulous! Small village postmen are's amazing what they can deliver with practically no address! Bravo to the person who sent you a card!

  7. That's lovely. I don't know who should be congratulated more; the sender or the postie?

  8. Her Majesty's Post Office - the remains of the one with red Morris Minor vans and the time of day - is one of the great institutions of the known universe. Can't imagine UPS or City-Link going to the trouble that H.M.P.O. do!

    I got a Christmas card once.

  9. Fame at last John!

  10. I take back all I have said in the past about the post office.
    Sorry Post Office.....

  11. That is lovely. Many years ago I saw an envelope that reached a business having been sent from Pakistan with the directions form the nearest station written down as opposed to an address1

    My postie has been great too. The first week I broke my ankle, I had to shout out of the front bedroom window that I had my leg in plaster, so couldn't get downstairs to sign for a package. We have a lean-to meter cupboard by the front door, full of boxes containing recycling and potatoes. He now bangs on the door, waits for me to shout back, then puts things in the cupboard.

  12. That is absolutely PRICELESS!

    I would have it framed. Perhaps in a shadow box?

  13. Nice to get the card, but envelope and postman tie for priceless.

  14. Great that the local postie is so familiar with the residents and knew where to deliver it. A shame that cities like mine are so big that a letter addressed like that would just go in the problem bin and never be seen again.

  15. That's pretty much how I would have done it, too!
    Good to know if I do that you will get it. ;-)

  16. I'm impressed the postal service managed to get the card to its proper recipient! Fantastic!!

  17. Anonymous6:13 pm

    We'll see how well the postie does with the one I sent. It's good to throw out a challenge once in a while.

  18. Ahhhh! There comes an awesome responsibility with "fame"! LOL!

  19. Amazing. Now we all knw how to find you!

  20. What wonderful postal service! Oh, how I wish! Must be pretty nice to be famous! ;-)

  21. John,the person that made your day has made our days as well, not to mention the postie. Loved it!

  22. I rather suspect that had the address been merely:

    J Gray Esq.

    it would have arrived.

    You are remarkably well known, my dear friend that I have never met and despite what we read in the tabloids, evidently there are some civil servants still concentrating more on providing a service than worrying about pensions.

    Such a short post, Mr Gray, but what a Christmas story.

  23. You probably wouldn't want to know how many people are aware of you, John. Or would you!?

  24. Very, very cute, John.

  25. Fab - your reputation obviously precedes you!

    LOL :o)

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  27. Only in a lovely small town!

    When I was in college a friend didn't know my last name but knew the town I lived in. She addressed a Christmas card to me thusly:
    Dushore, PA

    I recvd. it!!

  28. John - What a treat! I agree, this should be preserved, maybe hung on the wall as an interesting conversational piece, and as a reminder of the lovely bits of small town living.


    Katie in MN

  29. Bless the post office! Say what we will about them sometimes...they still do a good job.

  30. Anonymous8:00 am

    Hi John - I'm the guy who runs the "Enjoy This Image" blog.

    Having once worked in a sorting-office I'm not in the least surprised that card managed to find you... we once had one come through the system address thus:

    "To the old man with a three-legged whippet who drinks in the pub by the flyover in Leicester"

    A little map-work identified the pub, then one of our delivery roundsmen had to visit the pub repeatedly until he caught him in person as we needed his signature for the package.

    It took nearly two weeks to catch him, upon which he tore the postman off a strip because it took so long to get there! :-)


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