Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Little Dramas

Thank goodness Chris is away until Friday.....for some reason Albert has increased his rodent collecting abilities and since the infamous "rat incident" he has brought into the house no less than 6 field mice in 24 hours!.
Mabel, the only dog not to be swayed by Albert's rodent obsession
Of course the terriers have enjoyed these little gifts immensely, mouthing and crunching them like Nigella's Christmas titbits at a cocktail party.......only Mabel, from her position of comfort on the kitchen sofa, has refused to join in any of the fun.
Yesterday I posted the Christmas Cards, and delivered the ones in the village. It was a dry, cold day, which was perfect for walking around with a load of paper and as I ambled from one house to another, I saw an elderly lady, I only know very vaguely, standing in her front garden.
As I stopped to say a brief hello, she came to the gate to make a fuss of William, who I had brought out with me, and although she was pleasant enough, there was something in her affect that pricked my attention.

As I exchanged chit chat, the lady's husband came out of their house and joined her. I know him a little better, and as we made small talk , out of the corner of my eye I noticed that his wife had moved quietly away to the garden hedge where she pottered around the privet.
Only after I had started to walk off, did I realise that she had in fact started to water the hedge with a tiny indoor watering can..and finally the penny dropped.... the lady obviously was suffering from some sort of dementia.
As I looked back, I saw the man gently guiding his wife back to the house. He waved brightly as she took her slightly shaky tiptoe steps...and I couldn't help thinking, that behind every little neat garden, and inside every curtained window in the village, little dramas are being played out every hour of every day.

Only ours have more mice in them than most


  1. Some of them are dramas, a lot are horror films and the lucky few, such as you Sir, get the Carry On's!

    I often water the hedge but usually very early mornings from a Spode gazunda while still wearing my nightcap. Perhaps this lady was simply improvising?

  2. The photo of Mabel is so lovely and I am glad she is above playing with the field mice. A superior lady perhaps? It is so lovely that you spoke to this lady and gent I am sure he will have appreciated it as being a carer is a lonely place to be.

  3. You have a caring heart see through the facades. Indeed, we all have our ongoing dramas.

  4. I also 'water the hedge' each morning, but that's just a French obsession.

  5. You just never know what goes on behind closed doors do you. At least the fellow still had 'smiles' in him. Well lets hope you receive no more mouse 'gifts' today. Have a good one John!
    Maura :)

  6. No doubt you provided a bright spot in her day.

  7. Dementia. Terrible thing.

    Mice...are these like the marzipan mice or the white chocolate ones.....?

  8. that is one of my biggest dreads that dh or I will get dementia, not a pleasant thing....

    Gill in Canada

  9. i also water the hedge, especially in the summer....roses are red, violets are blue, ive got where was i ?

  10. When I was a little boy I always got sugared mice in my Christmas pillowcase - pink and white they were. Real country-caught Trelawnyd rodents could take off as the new "must have" Xmas gift. You'd be rich...but then dementia might kick in.

  11. Aw... the things we learn about our neighbors...

    I worry about dementia and not knowing who my kids are, like my Mom.

    Mouse chasing, good exercise for the dogs, too bad Mabel doesn't join the chase. :-)

  12. I've a cat that brings me presents of mouse bits...



  13. Obviously the terriers are making Albert feel quite appreciated and therefore Albert is obliged to provide them with more fun!
    I guess the winter weather has more mice out and about easier to catch.

    Of course Mabel is unswayed, she is too well bred for crunching mice. ;-)

    Hope the mice disappear before Albert can give Chris a welcome home gift!

  14. Mabel is too dignified to bother with vermin.

    Ki tried to bring her rat in but I caught her just in time.

  15. In sickness and in health - being there in health is easy, taking care of someone in sickness, that is real love.

  16. I read that cats bring mice in to you as a nurtutrin gift. Albert must think you're in need of a square meal.
    Thats sad about the elderly lady, I've heard stories from my neighbours about Bette, the lady who owned our house. She would knock on their doors, sometimes dresssed only in her nightie and ask "Do you know me?". Bless her. the old love.

  17. Too right, you are.

    I think Mabel's not quite sure about the mice. She might also think it's a ploy to get her off the sofa, and she's not relinquishing that spot. Nope.


  18. I had a Westie once that would bring in birds, mice, the occaisional lizard. I never knew what to expect when I walked in the door.


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