Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pastures New

Hazel, my arthouse cinema buddy will leave Wales for pastures new today.
Another friend Geoff left a few months ago.........and although I am used in having and keeping friends from all over the country, the demise of local "on tap" mates is a little bit of a blow.

Now I am only feeling a little sorry for myself as I am aching like an old man! Last night I helped Hazel and partner  Alan fill their removals van, which we had to do within an hour window.in the pouring rain. It was all a bit of a rush, which was probably a good thing ......it made our goodbyes brisk and workmanlike........we will certainly keep in touch, that much is given...but our weekly cinema visits and film post mortems are now at an end.

Friendships, always ebb and flow..that is the way of the world..... I thought of this ,last night as I wearily sat down after locking up the animals and walking the dogs in a driving rain storm and as I started to feel just a little melancholic I opened up my email ....
An old friend had sent me a short note sharing the fact that he had just had a kindle book published , it made me smile as it was as incongruous as it was normal........(he's straight and the book is pure gay erotica!)
But the brief contact was just what I needed.

As I left the house this morning....I made up my mind to try and go to see the French Movie Little White Lies this week.........Hazel or no Hazel.....
and the new spring in my step was slowed just a little after a neighbour called cheerfully
"Looks like rain for the weekend!"


  1. If it makes you feel any better, it's been pouring here for DAYS too. I do hope you find another soul-mate soon, they tend to be well hidden.

  2. Oh, sorry you have lost your buddies for the moment, John. You must feel isolated up there - albeit surrounded by animals.

    How funny that your straight friend should write a book like that. He must be what is known in the classified ads as 'curious'!

  3. You've got mates on tap right here John, from all over the world.

    Fecking pissing down here too.

    Any more rain and Wales will become an island state and float off into the Atlantic.

  4. We haven't seen rain for a while. And the heat and sun have been so strong here that I'm beginning to miss it. (But, be careful what you wish for, I suppose.)

    It's good to have friends to miss, although that doesn't make the missing any easier.

    Hmmm, your straight friend must have a really good imagination. I'm fascinated by people who can write erotica that is not based on their own preferences or fantasies. Congratulations to him on being published!

  5. The changes are what makes life interesting...enjoy.

  6. We could use some of that rain of yours over here.
    Gosh I hope they are wrong about this weekend. The excitement for things tends to lose momentum if they are put off for too long.
    I'm sorry your friends have moved on but there is a new one just around the corner for you no doubt.

  7. With all the moving around I have done in my life John, the leaving (and being left by) family/friends has always been the hardest part.
    V. and I try to make up for distance (5,000 miles) by talking mostly every day (and now one of my kids is at the other end of the continent!)...no, it's not the same...but you take what you can get.
    Hot as hades here!

  8. Do your best to send the rain my way, John. We need it!
    I hope your neighbor is wrong about the rain, but probably not...

  9. don't be melancholy...I could send you some chicken soup- always cheers me up when friends go (mine usually flounce off after something I've said!)

  10. Wait. What? Which brief contact - the contact from your friend or the pure gay erotica? And is that "pure" gay erotica or "pure gay" erotica. I'm confused . . .
    When I moved to AZ from IL a year
    ago it was like someone tore my heart from my chest - I missed everyone so so much some days it was [is] hard to breathe.
    While no one could replace Hazel I'm sure you'll find someone to accompany you to the cinema. Especially if you carry that new book when you go.

  11. Please send us your rain John and I'll trade you our 40C plus heat and sunshine!!! I'm sorry to read about you loosing two of your local friends...it's great to stay in touch but not quite the same as having them close by. I bet it won't be long until you find another 'cinema buddy'. Until then...keep dry!
    Maura :)

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  13. Well, the book's cover is quite yummy, isn't it? I do know what it is like to not have anyone of like mind or interest living nearby, so I mourn your loss of a film friend. But-all the best to Hazel in her new location!!
    Maybe you should get one of these for a bit of a cheer up:

    (blogger seems to be cutting off the .html for some reason! ARGH!)

  14. I'll wear wellies and my kag! I thought it always rained in Wales anyway? Shame about your friend though . xxxx

  15. Maybe a new cinema going friend will show up, just around the corner. You seem to have the knack for making friends, John, and that is a blessing.

  16. It's always hard when a friend moves away, I am sure you will find another cinema buff to accompany you!

    Argh.... the rain...

  17. Remember dogs are man's best friend and they never move.
    As to the rain at the weekend (if it does) remember also that the Welsh are a hardy lot.

  18. Can't remember the last time I went to the pictures! I should be ashamed too as we have a great little picture house called the Ritz that is licensed and has comfy sofas etc

  19. Your friends mean SO much to you...and I know what it's like to not have someone to dissect a movie with afterwards. A little flat. Sigh.

  20. I have lost friends these past few years because they have moved on in one way or another. I am about to lose some dear ones (over 35years of friendship) next week when they move to another part of the country and I doubt I will ever see them again. It hurts so, but that is life. What is that line - Parting is such sweet sorrow - well, there is nothing sweet about it.


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