Thursday, 5 March 2009

Roger, Mary and Pirrie

The Wyandotte bantams are a real joy. All are perfectly tame, if not a touch cocky and race around the bigger hens as if they are on amphetamines! They also have a slight bubbled eyed "mad" look about them which is incredibly sweet. I have named them Roger, Pirrie (above) and Mary after characters in one of my favourite books The Death Of Grass.


  1. After I was given my first bantams as a teen, I have always favoured them over the regular sized chickens. They just seem to pack more life into those little bodies.

    I was reading on line about the book you mentioned, sounds very interesting.

  2. The death of grass is a "disaster" novel from the 1950s.It is a very bleak and gritty story of Britain after total social breakdown.
    It was way before its time, as it portrays the nastier side of human nature in the face of catastrophe


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