Tuesday, 18 January 2022



I needed choir tonight.
Perhaps it’s the wolf moon, but I sensed that all the choir did .
We met on zoom…the singing unimportant 
Hattie’s baby Freya was there, Mary too on my knee like the baby she is, and lovely Heulwen, Jamie, Margaret and John, Gill, Hillary, Claire and Sarah and the others including the ever cheerful Lyndi without her Charlie

It was nice to see them all


  1. The best medicine.

  2. I wonder if I am a benign sort of psycopath, for I don't really understand people who need other people. An absence of people suits me perfectly, although dogs and cats are nice. Anyone else like me out there? (If so, no, I don't want to meet up) :)

    1. Perhaps u are
      Perhaps you are just self contained
      Perhaps you are guarded
      Who knows
      What does it matter?

      I need to touch base with likeminded people regularly
      Perhaps I’m just weak

    2. Indeed, doesn't matter so long as I am content, which I am, and so long as I don't hurt other people, which I don't. Don't like most of them much though, nor myself, I suppose. Sun sea, dogs, cats, landscape - all that is good. Your frosty morning sky earlier was wondrous - a great catch.

  3. Does choir meet up on Zoom mean that you sing or just chat John?

  4. Your choir group is always enjoyable and you have many friends. You must all look forward to meeting in person one day.

  5. Barbara Anne2:20 am

    Nice to "be" with others face to face albeit still very distanced.
    Wishing you safe to work, a pleasant day, and safe home after work.


  6. Nice to connect with other like minded people, it's nice to have common ground. But I bet they are all really diverse in other ways.

    Jo in Auckland

  7. There are times when we just need to be with our friends and family. For our wellbeing.

  8. Making beautiful music just by being together.

  9. John, did you draw that "doodle" on the corner of the paper pad? If so, I'm certain you could make something wonderful with that talent! Doggy Doodles... plus a certain cat of course. Add in a wry comment from yourself and it's a winner!


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