Friday, 28 January 2022



I have a week off in March and have just explored the possibility of taking the girls with me on a mini break.
Ive decided to return to Sheffield again, but instead of a city centre hotel I’ve trolled the accommodation available over a few days midweek and have booked a small cottage not far from my old house in Hillsborough.
Taking the girls with me takes away the need to rush home after seeing friends in the city. It also opens up different activities, such as a walk in the peaks and that return trip to Chatsworth House which was so sadly cancelled just before Christmas. 
No rushing home means more old mates can be caught up with .
I’ve not used Airbnb before and on the surface it looks excellent value for money as long as you are careful and spend your time homing your searches…..
I almost booked one place which looked quaint only to read in the reviews that a whole forest of pubic hairs had been found in the bedding ……


  1. suzanne dorries1:07 pm

    eeewww Pubic hairs, gross. Any way the girls would love to go with you. Sounds fun.

  2. I've only used Airbnb once. It was fine, and the host was very helpful with my virgin Airbnb user questions. I must admit, the forest of pubic hairs in the bedding would put me off. Might be someone's idea of heaven, but not mine! Glad you can take the girls, they need a holiday too. What about Albert? Who'll look after him? Oh, we do worry about our furry ones, even if they're not ours! xx

  3. It sounds like a good plan ... just take the time to choose wisely. Free pubic hairs for every guest is not something many establishments boast about!!

  4. Sounds delightful, we have rented apartments a couple of times, but not airBB.

  5. I'm just imagining with horror the stains you're going to leave darling x

  6. We've used airbnb here in the U.S. and the experiences have all been good. Clean, well-maintained places. Sometimes you see the host, sometimes not, but when you do they are nice and friendly. Have a good mini-vacation!

  7. We used Airbnb in very rural Co Leitrim once with no problems.
    They will review you afterwards which can be nerve-racking - we were listed as "a lovely couple"

  8. I must admit I have never jumped on the Air BnB bandwagon. I just stick to hotels. But even those can be hit-or-miss!

  9. If there are enough pubic hairs you could knit a scarf. Perhaps if you need some more your followers can stuff theirs into envelopes.

  10. I've had very good luck with both Airbnb and VRBO. A few not so great but overall very positive experiences.

  11. My neighbor has used Airbnb and has had only good experiences. He says he pays a bit more to get the best accommodations. I do know one individual that saw mice in their Airbnb.

  12. Barbara Anne2:43 pm

    It certainly pays to do your research for Airbnbs and am glad you've found the perfect cottage to suit your family. Well thought to take the girls with you so you can have a more relaxed and unhurried visit with friends!


  13. i've had great airbnb experiences. a forest of pubes....ewwww and how?

  14. For my birthday last year, my kids booked a great airbnb for our summer vacation last August. It was great fun and really perfect for our group of adults and kids. Good luck with your trip!

  15. Ewwww! My brother once found yellow-aged toenail clippings in a bedroom drawer in a holiday let. I think pubes might be worse.

  16. Blech. Pubic hairs in the bedding... and that one’s still listed. I’ve never done AirBnB but my nephew and his wife have had some brilliant successes. Sounds great.

  17. Ew. Oh ick. We have used BnBs before. For the most part, they've been a great experience.

  18. You will have to be sure the girls are good guests and clean up well after them! And...will they be left home alone in a strange place while you go out?


    1. My thoughts entirely. Never mind the pubic hair - nothing that a change of sheets (there should be spare ones provided) can't rectify. Have made mental note that should I ever use an Airbnb (unlikely) to make sure they have a NO pets policy. Pillows and duvets harbour enough unmentionables without a hungry flea or two (don't ask) left by the previous occupants' furry friends. I hasten to add, before misunderstood, that John's dogs are flea free!


    2. The reviews of the accommodation seem favourable

    3. And if they are left it will be only for a couple of hours , I intend to take them with me most of the time

    4. Sarah B10:21 pm

      I thought the same Lizzy there's no way I'd leave my dogs in a strange place for 5 minutes never mind John's intended couple of hours - they would think they'd been abandoned and spend the whole time worrying if I was coming back and I just couldn't put them through that.
      John - what about a home sitter then at least they'd be on their own familiar territory. I thought poor Dorothy, she's already gone through so much and she's devoted to you surely you could arrange something less stressful for her?

    5. I know my dogs very well Sarah
      And Dorothy will be just fine alongside Mary and her bed with my jumper on it for an hour or two. Especially after a long walk.
      I really do think that I know my dogs better than anyone else.
      I have a house sitter, I have friends that walk both girls and I have a dog Walker , all interactions which has allowed Dorothy to improve and get her confidence which she has done in leaps and bounds .

      Not leaving your dogs for 5 minutes……?
      You are not doing them any favours

    6. Sarah B2:57 pm

      If you read my comment again you'll see I said I wouldn't leave my dogs for 5 minutes in A Strange Place, they're left at home in their familiar surroundings.

  19. I hope all is well with your holiday bedding-but if you do find anything amiss take a photo of the offender and send it to the owner-hopefully they will promptly rectify the matter x

    1. You could just take your own sleeping bag and a bottom sheet and a pillow and dog blankets x

  20. I dare say you may find taking your entourage with you more stressful than leaving them at home (familiar surroundings) unless you are planning to meet all your friends in a park or their own abodes.


    1. You are not a dog owner Ursula and not a multiple owner clearly
      Once the pack is together , anxieties are usually reduced

    2. Anonymous10:23 pm

      But isn't it that the anxieties are reduced when the pack leader is present?

    3. I’ve just said that

  21. Have a good time, one and all.

  22. On the whole I've found B and Bs cleaner than hotels.

  23. I have friends who do airbnb in Leyburn and their rooms are spotlessly clean - I thought these places were well-vetted. Lovely idea taking the girls but don't tell Akbert

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  25. I suppose it didn't indicate if the hairs were grey and or female. Younger male pubic hair would not be so bad.

  26. Just checked my AirBnB account to see that I first used it in 2011. Wow. I've stayed in them in France, Spain and in the US. I've never had a bad experience and met some lovely and fun people. This sounds like a great getaway!

  27. a nice getaway with the doggos sounds perfect to me!
    I can't take harry anywhere without him trying to mark everything in sight so he stays at home and sleeps on his (my) bed.

  28. I know people who have used AirBnB very successfully for some time. Hope it goes well and that you can relax and enjoy your trip.

  29. I have used Airbnb a number of times and always successfully, so hope you enjoy your stay.

  30. I only know of an airbnb caravan-I've seen the lady regularly cleaning it between short stay visitors and the windows left open for several hours x

  31. We have used Airbnb many times in many places in the UK, Copenhagen and other European cities, Norway, Ireland and Australia and found them excellent to deal with. Certainly I spend time looking carefully at the photos and reading the reviews and when I can I pick a "superhost" property. I love that you have a backup that you can turn to with the parent company who are very good to deal with and the fact that the owners don't receive your money until after you vacate the property is reassuring when things are not how they should be.
    I hope your experience with them is a good one because it will open up a whole world of comfortable travel accommodation for you ( and the dogs).

  32. Good on you John I think the dogs will love it as well a change is as good as a rest we have taken our dog to an Airbnb no problems.

  33. yes if you find the right airbnb for you, you will never use a hotel again
    great price for your money
    I wish you the best in your search

  34. Hi John,
    Used AirB&B loads of times, never been disappointed. The standards are often higher than a lot of hotels. I someone finds what they consider a 'pubic hair', it becomes an entire toupee in the complaint. I'm with Ursula, you can always change sheets, but doubt if you will have to. Enjoy my friend.


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