Tuesday, 14 September 2021

The Remainder Holiday jaunts

 Tomorrow , me and my friend Colin are off to the philharmonic Hall in Liverpool to see Simon Amstell 
He’s  is a very sharp witted comedian and writer and presenter.
I shall enjoy his view on life.
Thursday night Affable Despot Jason and I will go and see a play at Theatr Clwyd,….I haven’t seen him in ages, the play is cheap so may be crap but he’s already messaged me “ it will be a larf” 
Friday it’s Shang chi and the legend of the ten rings at the cinema 
Saturday I’m meeting old friend Cheryl for brunch and sea walks at  Bryn Williams at Porth Eirias in Colwyn Bay …we both say we need a hug xxx
And Monday it’s a Bodnant Gardens visit with my friend Neil and our respective dogs, luckily his bulldog loves Dorothy .

So the final chapter of my holiday is almost sorted save a few open windows say SUNDAY ? Any takers?
I’m having a lovely time….
But it’s taken bloody organising 


  1. John you are going out more times this week than I hav been out in the last four years.

    1. If I don’t go out on my holiday, I shall go mad weave. Xxx

  2. Same here. And more than the next four too probably! Hope you have fun, and remember to drink your water. (Sorry, mom nagging is hard to stop.)

  3. Wow! You will need a vacation from your vacation! Glad you have so many fun events with friends planned. Sounds terrific! Have fun! xx

  4. you might be lucky that the bladder infection gave you a day of rest!

  5. What a fantastic week! Theatr Clwyd looks like an amazing venue.

  6. You've lined up a good string of meet-ups and wonderful activities with friends. You might need a vacation from your vacation just to prepare to return to work. Enjoy!

  7. Good to fill your days with things and people you enjoy. You might need Sunday free to recuperate after all that gadding about! xx

  8. Barbara Anne12:24 am

    I agree that it might be good to stay home on Sunday, to bake, nap, and do laundry so you can play without responsibilities on Monday.
    The photos of where you'll be are stellar and I'd love to join you and Nell in that beautiful garden.
    Enjoy yourself, start to finish!


  9. Don't over do, Sunday can be a day of rest!

    How was Bingo night, did you win?

  10. You busy bee of a boy!!!
    I'm jealous of all those exciting outings coming up.
    Have fun.

  11. Well done you!!!!! You´ll need a holiday after all that.

  12. You have made varied and wonderful plans! Enjoy them all!

  13. What a great, varied programme. As long as you Keep The Water Up you will have a wonderful time. You work hard, so you're allowed to play hard!

  14. I usually spend the last day of my vacations dreading having to go back to work.

  15. That's a great list of plans and places to go. All sound interesting and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.
    The gardens look beautiful!

  16. Sitting here reading your blog, I realise I miss having holidays at home from my job. NOW you will say everyday is a holiday as I have stopped working, it is but it's not the same. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  17. I've seen that St. David's is hosting a fundraising showing of Love, Actually on 3rd Dec. Very tempted, but it's a long way.

  18. Yorkshire Liz5:53 pm

    What a 'change is as good a rest' sort of holiday week. Enjoy the Phil. And Theatr Clwyd. Miss my hero and mentor from there, Terry Hands. Lovely theatre.


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