Sunday, 26 January 2020

Sorry Wrong Number

It's been a quiet day.
Got up at 8 ish and walked the dogs, then we all went back to bed until 11...
Avocado on sourbread toast for breakfast
Then the beach with Dorothy and Mary.
Winnie is now too old for a sand walk
I didn't speak to anyone until 6 pm when I rang my friend Nigel for a natter
The village was dark and cold just now after Mary and I ventured out with a thank you letter to post
The letter was addressed to the manager of the building society who employed the wonderfully professional ( and heavily made up ) Leanne . The woman who after much pouting and computer effort sorted out my mortgage for me.
Her wonderful false eyelashes, which battered away like two pairs of butterfly wings always reminded me of Betty Boop's
She went beyond the usual hoops such works go to, in order for me to secure the cottage

I was reminded to send the thank you letter of praise after Friday morning's coffee and text break at work. Worrying that Dorothy was a bit loose in the bowel department I texted Paul , the sexy bearded dog walker with the following message
" Can you let me know if Dorothy has the shits today? She's already left a bloody skid mark on the bedsheets!" 
Only I didn't send the message to the " Hound"  hotel !!!
Oh nooooo..........
I sent it to Lianne at the Halifax  building society

Fair doos
Lianne was plucky enough to text me right back
" I will ask around the office for you but I don't think she will own up to anything as embarrassing!" 

Saturday, 25 January 2020

How Lovely

Do you remember me telling you about the patient I " Ally mc Beal "danced with ?
Her relatives brought me in a gift organised by her today
Gin, proper tonic and a load of lovely fresh lemons with a covering hand written card

Dream Dinners

Yesterday I was sent a copy of a newspaper cutting from 1998
It was from the Sheffield Star 

What are your answers ??
Who would be on your guest list?
What would be your ideal venue?
What food would you serve?
What music would you play?
Who would you have doing the washing up?
Anyone you would not invite?

God I Looked young!

Friday, 24 January 2020


The cyclamens I planted out  atop the garden wall are struggling to bloom in their water soaked pots and everything outside looks a sad and wet brown/green
This winter has been consistently damp  and depressing and today's day off ( sandwiched between long work days) has found me pottering.
I had half arranged to catch up with Jason the affable despot at the pub, but what  I think I need more is some soup making, a long hot bath and a few telephone calls and so we've made a raincheck until the next pub quiz night.
From the kitchen window I can see Albert braving the drizzle as he sits quietly watching a mole hill growing in the graveyard.
He's got a thing about the moles since their recent and rather surprising arrival at St Michael's.
The evening mist shrouded the village in an anti social blanket as dusk fell
And the smell of spiced butternut squash filled the kitchen

Thursday, 23 January 2020


A little while ago a patient asked me if I had a bucket list of my own
They died a day after our conversation 

" I want to have the confidence to be able to dance spontantiously in public" 
I told her

"Like they did on Ally McBeal" 
She replied

Understanding perfectly 

and we both did a version of this silly dance
In her sideroom
Me in my uniform and she in her pyjamas

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Good Morning!

I wanted a lie in today

No way

Now I want to get to sleep

Fat chance

Before that I burnt my tea

And after a promising start

Had A very busy day

And now, I just

Want to

Kill, kill kill them all........

Tuesday, 21 January 2020


I got the forehead soot off for choir but missed the moustache bit.
( no hot water until later..)
Gentleman farmer Peter told me I looked like ageing Welsh Hitler!!!!
It was great to be back at choir tonight we learned another Norwegian Reindeer clapping song
And Jamie ( with his 1940s RAF moustache ) had us stepping in time again which amused Hattie no end

Dirty day

Today has been a dirty day
Ive swept the chimney , threw my first pot and still covered in soot and clay am just about to go to choir
The interbet is down and the chimney is still smoking

Monday, 20 January 2020

Jojo Rabbit

A comedy where Jojo, a Nazi obsessed ten year old German boy (Roman Griffin Davis) and his invisible best friend Hitler (Taika Waititi) have to deal with the prospect of losing the war, a Jewish girl hiding in the attic, his mother's secret resistance work and the normal problems of growing up, doesn't sounds very likely but Waititi, who wrote and directed this odd little piece has crafted not only a very funny satire of every Nazi film ever filmed but has produced a gentle and an incredibly warm piece on growing up and the loss of innocence .
I am glad it was a comedy , for if filmed as a straight drama it would have lost buckets of charm as well as gaining an overload of trauma and misery.
The movie, at times is laugh-out-loud funny,
However when the reality of true horror of the story needs to be shown then Waititi shows them with such subtle power that those scenes literally rip your heart out

Johansson, a lovely turn

It took at least ten minutes for me to settle down after the quite amusing Hitler character charms himself into the action ( boy did this feel wrong) but after this the wonderful acting and sensitivity by Davis in the lead role and the performances from Scarlett Johansson and Thomasin McKensie ( as
Jojo's mother and the girl in the attic respectively) all drag you in to a story which is all about how a child sees his world .
I must also say something about the child actor Archie Yates who pops up as Jojo's overweight but relentless cheerful and pragmatic best friend. He almost steals the show. His final scene where he and Jojo experience the front line against the advancing Russsian forces is incredibly poignant especially as his character puts down his machine gun and admits that all he wants to do is to go home to cuddle him mother.

The delightful Archie Yates

Jojo Rabbit, like every satire of horrendous real events, has a great deal to say
But it also works as a simple story of a little boy growing up
And on both levels it succeeds in bucketloads .