Monday, 2 August 2021

Phyllis Dietrichson

ToNight I took part in a City Lit zoom Lecture on Neo Noir (modern film noir movies ) 
We are studying The Long Goodbye 1973, Chinatown 1974 and Bodyheat 1981. 
I really enjoyed the lecturer’s take on things even though the other “ students” may have found my “ odd eyeball rolling  faces” on the grid a little bizarre as Dorothy spent 2 hours under my desk scraping the hard skin from both of my heels with her baby teeth. 
My favourite film Noir movie is the 1944 thriller Double Indemnity which features the glorious Barbara Stanwick as the scheming Phylis Dietrichson .I’m so glad we will be discussing her next week !
She was such a slag .

No other news to report ….this afternoon neighbours Mandy and Sailor John and I met up with Animal Helper Pat in the lane….it was her first walk after getting over covid and she was bright as a button. We slagged off the owners of the new build behind the cottage, who have been ruining Mandy’s washing with their bonfires…Pat looked well, a year ago, pre vaccines her story may have been so different . 
We all mentioned that 

I’m not going to choir tomorrow tonight…I’ve told Jamie I will only go when we can sing indoors….and he understands … tomorrow afternoon all I am doing is buying more agapanthus for the garden…fireworks of neon blue which will burst their colourful flower heads in every corner of the cottage garden .

I will arranged them amid the hostas and hydrangeas 



  1. suzanne dorries10:29 pm

    my goodness how enlightening.

  2. suzanne dorries10:36 pm

    so beautiful very gorgeous.

  3. Let's sing together all day. Practice makes perfect.
    Sing like no one is watching is what I am getting at, all of the time. :)

  4. suzanne dorries10:42 pm

    no offense just stating a great post. meant to say it was great.

  5. You paint a wonderful picture, John. I can imagine Dorothy under your desk, gently rasping your feet. The agapanthus will look stunning, and you're lucky to have hostas. I've had to plant my very sad specimen in a hanging basket to stop the slugs and snails! xx

  6. Ah yes, Noir is my favourite film genre. I quite agree re Double Indemnity - that Kiss Me Deadly and The Postman Always Rings Twice (being my favourite - probably because of Lana Turner, but I digress...). I look forward to next week's report on Barbara Stanwick. Agapanthus - lovely plants; confine the roots and in full sun to get more flowers.

  7. I liked Ted Danson and J.A. Preston in Body Heat a lot. Good movie to watch on a cold evening in winter.

  8. Barbara Anne1:59 am

    Ah,the glamorous Barbara Stanwick! I do prefer Myrna Loy, though.
    Hope the choir gets to sing indoors soon as I'm sure they miss your voice and humor.


  9. Double Indemnity is sooooo good!
    And I love Body Heat. I've always thought William Hurt is a sexy beast. And I love Kathleen's voice. Love it.


  10. Eeew, TMI w the feet thing. Why?

  11. That class you are taking must be really enjoyable! I love the classic old black & white movies. Your garden is already beautiful and more flowers will make it impossible to resist!

  12. I think "Double Indemnity" is one of the best movies ever made!

  13. Dorothy reminds me one of those little fishy fishys who nibble nibble at clients feet at a beauty salon to obtain Summer ready silky soft feet x

  14. Oh, yes. Great performance in a great movie.

  15. Those films are so good. Double Indemnity is excellent.
    Your friend Pat must be so happy to be recovering and able to enjoy a walk again. I am grateful too for the vaccine protection which hopefully weakens the illness if we get it.
    There were some agapanthus in our local garden centre and I thought they were beautiful!

  16. You could forgive Dorothy an awful lot for her canine pedicure skills!
    Your garden will be stunning when the agapanthus are established.

  17. Keep singing in the car, your song is in there, itching to get out.

  18. Go Dotty! Agapanthus is a weed here, it takes over. So does star jasmine, they are illegal to be sold. It is such a pity as both are so beautiful!
    This always makes me think about how important context is to things. One country's garden joys are another's native destroyers. sigh

  19. I love noir films, Chinatown, Double Indemnity. They should make more like that today.

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