Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Freedom is Coming

I met my friend John from Sheffield this evening . He is on holiday in North Wales with his family. A family I know well but haven’t seen for a long time. His wife, a soft spoken Sheffielder I last saw at my wedding. His daughter at her wedding. 
Now the daughter has children of her own and I remembered when I first met her, the day I moved in next door to their terraced home in Hillsborough, when she was just a doe eyed beautiful child  
John’s wife hugged me when we met and I could feel her quiet affection for me. The fact that I hadn’t seen her since my wedding suddenly and strangely hurt a little and I jumped into slightly manic jolly mode to exorcise the feeling.
I was a fair way from home so didn’t stay late, 
But it was lovely to see them all.
On the way home found a lost CD in the glove compartment which Jamie out choir master ( with his RAF 1940s Moustache) had recorded for us two years ago now.
The South African song Freedom is Coming , was the one I found first
And I sang it at the top of my voice , for the three quarters of an hour drive home in the rain.
I so miss choir 


  1. How apt...freedom IS coming - and the choir will meet again.

  2. There should be an answer to this predicament John-a type of bubble of sort so your Choir can meet up-perhaps a reverse perspex face shield type thingy could be made but a bit bigger x

  3. Everybody has a past life and it is interesting what triggers our memories, good and bad. Freedom? For me, this would mean no more Covid, masks and social distancing. What is the status of the choir?

  4. Barbara Anne4:59 am

    Love the choir and song - hope that freedom for you will mean the PPEs are history and for all of us that covid is gone forever.
    How wonderful you could meet up with friends from Sheffield while they're in your part of the world.
    It's time to reserve Tuesday evenings for choir in whatever form the choir can get together.


  5. This is quite a poignant post, John. Memories, good and bad can pop into our minds at the oddest moments. I hope the singing was cathartic. The choir will start up again, soon. Until then, regale the fur babies with various renditions, as loud as you like! xx

  6. Good to see your friends again but also sad to think of time passing and things changing.
    It will be great when you can sing with and be close to the choir again. It's so uplifting!

  7. Such a beautiful song John, and beautifully sung if I may say so. There will come a time when this awful Covid is just a past memory and everything will get back to normal. x

  8. With restrictions ended, when will choir start again?

  9. I recognize that feeling of putting on a happy coat. I do it in order to not feel pain and ESPECIALLY to not receive a word of sympathy or understanding. I get the absolute knowledge that the happy coat could very well be the finger holding back the water in the dyke. God forbid that finger gets taken out whilst I am among other humans instead of completely alone. (Animals are totally ok, they have no aversion to ugly crying or snot)

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  11. I can't think of anything much that is better than being part of a choir. Such pure joy when those voices blend. Heavenly. -Kate


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