Friday, 25 September 2020

Let’s throw caution to the wind and open a tin of salmon


I’m working night shift and the hospice is uncharacteristically quiet.
I’ve completed all of my on line training and updated my revalidation documents and I have researched papers to support my interest in starting some informal staff support meetings around case reviews.
and I have just eaten a healthy supper of gnocchi, asparagus and sugar snap peas tossed in garlic and basil 

The title is a saying pinched from a friend of a friend
It means smile and glide and be kind to yourself 
My healthy eating is a part of that...being kind to myself
It’s something many of us are poor at.

Ive just listened to a message from my niece in law she was discussing Bake Off. 
My nephew Leo has just texted a message that he agrees with my thought that Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was a bit rude.
Gorgeous Dave wants to catch up soon, Kim isn’t looking for a date. 
Ruth and I are planning to visit South Korea, Nu’s  off to Ireland
I’m fortunate  for the distractions and the company

I’ve come to another conclusion that I’m single and I’m ok with it. 
The world of  mature gay men seems to be fraught with complications, baggage and a little bit of drama
Open relationships are often the norm, apps and expectations are confusing, fickle and seem to have rules of their own 
Rules that I’m not really privy to

Friends without frills are the order of the day for me.
Friends are uncomplicated and are always welcome

That simple tin of salmon will suffice nicely

I will leave you with a few of my followers favourite bespoke eateries 


  1. John,
    I don't know why, but this post brought tears to my eyes, in a good way. Thank you for your words. I love that version of the song btw.

  2. These are good looking restaurants/cafes. Regarding being single, it is good to be happily single with lots of friends with no complications. When you are not expecting anything, that special someone will appear. That's my experience.

  3. Judy aside, because ... Judy. That is also my favorite version of that song, and also brings tears to my eyes every time!

  4. I don't think your feelings are exclusive to gay men; I have plenty of friends, both male and female, who find themselves in the same situation, and simply resign themselves to it. Once they have done so, their lives become much more relaxed.

  5. A thoughtful and reflective post. Surprised to see a place I knew and loved so well (number six).

  6. Well, we can't take the tin of salmon with us, so we might as well enjoy it now!

  7. Vey glad to hear you're being kind enough to yourself to cook healthy meals and are avoiding relationships with no caring, no loyalty...You're right, stick to friends you know and trust. You won't be the only person feeling like this; if you're not 'looking' the perfect man for you will come along when you least expect him.

  8. PS Q. Where do you weigh a pie?
    A. Somewhere over the rainbow.
    Not making fun of Eva...its a beautiful song and she sings it beautifully.

  9. I recognise the second eatery - in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield - just a ten minute stroll from our house. I never go in there because the prices are too steep for a humble park cafe.

  10. I love the borrowed quote for the title. It says so little while saying so much. Strong, supportive, loving, fun, friendships are golden and so important

  11. Thanks for the glimpse into your day, and your life. Be kind and good to yourself.

  12. I too don't think your feelings are exclusive to Gay Men when it comes to Mature people Dating. I'm so glad that I'm Married, Heaven forbid, if anything ever happened to The Man, after all these years of Marriage, I doubt I'd want to take the plunge back into Dating at this Season of Life. Friends without Frills would be my order of the day as well, less Drama, less Headaches.

  13. Happy to see my/our favourite cafe/market (the last photo) .....' Uprooted' in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada.
    Because of Covid 19 restrictions the cafe is very minimal right we 'take out'.
    Cafes are very important to a lot of us and may they flourish.

  14. I went to go to the little local bakery that I try to buy from every week to take a photo, only to find that they had closed for good this week. No more pies for me, which is probably a good thing.

  15. They all look good John. You seem to have turned your life round brilliantly - I amso pleased for you.
    By the way I am reading Call me by your name. Have you read it or seen the film. I am finding the book very moving and such an insight into the life of a young man.

  16. Barbara Anne2:58 pm

    Lovely post on a wonderfully quiet night shift. Well done on all you accomplished, "paperwork" on computer that had to be done.
    Your reflections on diet and life just now are very healthy and that's good for you.
    As for a someone to love, (a movie quote): "When you least expect it, expect it."


  17. That has to be one of the best titles of the year.

  18. Loved the title John. My Wicked Stepmother had a similar saying "Hang the expense. Give the cat the canary"

  19. Love Yourself first John.I wish I had when I was younger and not gone a looking-(Big mistake for me)-the Universe will do the rest x

  20. You are lucky to have so many friends. Probably because you are a good friend to have!

  21. I am still married, but as I get older were something to happen I wouldn't want to be remarried. I would want a companion to go out to eat with or see a movie, travel but I want to go home to my own house, my own pets and my own ways without always compromising on everything. I have been accommodating someone else for my entire life. So a friend with benefits would make the most sense.

  22. Caution is overrated in my opinion.

  23. Just a little bit of drama?

  24. We've been taught we need to be part of a couple since early childhood. Singlehood works well once you move past those lessons.

  25. Friends without thrills, did you mean?


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