Sunday, 9 August 2020

Happy Days

 I've just found out that there's a date in Oct for the one off season 10 finale of my favourite

I'm having a large gin and tonic in the dark
The windows are open and it's 23.29
A storm is approaching 


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  2. a large G&T will help you sleep. good night john.

  3. what sort of gin? I always want to know these things.

  4. Hope you have lightening, I love watching lightening all alone in the dark!
    Once my son was awakened by a storm, so I’d just make hot chocolate and we’d snuggle under a blanket, while my husband slept through it all.
    For years we did this, even now at 20, he gets up, we have hot chocolate and still snuggle under a blanket watching the storm light up the mountains!
    I cherish those moments ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Anonymous12:37 am

    I somehow find it fitting that a storm is approaching while you think about the Walking Dead ,such ominous atmospheres, both onscreen and surrounding you. - Mary

  6. Glad there is something in the world that someone is happy about.

  7. I've already lost Michonne, so that photo of Daryl appearing to have turned just better not mean they're going to kill him off. If they do, then I'm done with TWD.

    1. I think that Daryl is just hiding among them. I am looking forward to the finale. I may be asking you John for the date nearer the time if I can't find it.

  8. Barbara Anne5:07 am

    Sleep well after your G&T! Hope you're off work today so you can have a lie-in (dogs allowing that, of course) and a day or more to recover from those long work hours.


    1. Barbara Anne5:13 am

      Oh, and of all things, at 8a Sunday morning we had a 5.1 earthquake happen with the epicenter about 180 miles southwest of us. Holy cow!

    2. Lord.....I fell asleep ten minutes after writing this blog x

  9. You should sleep well! I love to sit in a dark room and listen to a storm. Very atmospheric.

  10. The windows are open and it's 23.29. A storm is approaching. A crowd of zombies are coming over Gop Hill, wailing and moaning as only the dead can do. They are heading straight for my cottage. They are going to get me! Albert is miaowing and the dogs are barking wildly. Over Rhyl forked lightning is zigzagging. Mummy! Mummy! HEEEELP!

  11. Already looking forward to TWD - I need a Daryl fix. I love watching storms especially if i'm near the sea. Lightning over water is spectacular x

  12. Anonymous10:57 am

    Well this is all another language for me! But hey, l am glad you have something to look forward to in a couple of monthes.
    I am looking forward to slurpin' up the shop this afternoon for milk and a paper. Might dive into their Ice-cream freezer and extract a Feast lolly for consumption immediately!
    No sleep 'till bedtime
    Tess xx

  13. Another T-shirt due then?

  14. Hi John. Great storm here today in s.w.Wales.
    My father , during w.w.2 blackout used to sit in the dark with the curtains open and a camera. He would leave the shutter open and click to next frame after each lightning flash. I have lots of pictures ,black and white of course.
    kathy xxx

    1. I fell asleep in the chair before the storm arrived x

  15. I am waiting for the end to come to revisit this series. I got bored after about season three.

  16. G&T must have hit the spot after those
    marathon hospice work days . . .
    Misty eyed still, over the patients piano solo.
    You and your team are the best . . .

  17. I can relate to the Gin, hope the storm is followed with rain as the news said you are going though a heatwave.

  18. Hi John, I’m a Britt in the US and just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog each morning while drinking my cuppa. I have never seen the Walking Dead which is ironic as it is filmed in my hometown and we often see zombies walking around without thinking twice now. I also met Darryl and had a lovely chat not knowing who he was at the time. Nick and Norman (apparently are key actors in it) also have a restaurant here which is great and have become key people in our community. A great place to visit and eat. I guess I should really watch the show sometime.


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