Tuesday, 11 August 2020


Click on the link below to read a perspective of one of my friends at St Davids HospIce

He writes so well



  1. What would we do without nurses????

  2. Such a beautifully written, caring piece of writing John - right to the heart of the matter.

  3. Spot on, sooner or later, all of us need caring not curing. Clear and well written. And all of a sudden local Welsh radio is playing at my desk.

  4. Well said indeed . . . sad it is that many do not embrace, regard, support hospice care. End of life is sad . . . In Covid even more so. Thankful for Ben, John and other nurses who are part of the St David’s Hospice and all other nurses providing hospice care.

  5. “A lot of our patients have been through hell; they get here and tell us how safe they feel." --Ben

    What a tribute.
    I want to die in a place like that--(though hopefully not during a pandemic).

  6. Barbara Anne3:19 pm

    How eloquent and what has been said by Ben needed saying. Hospice services are such a boon to the world and to countless individuals who deserve to feel safe as they prepare to leave this life. Thank you all who work in hospice care.


  7. Yes, a very good write. You all do need so much more support, especially financially.

  8. Wow, Ben really spoke truth- Hospice is needed, no matter what the world is doing. To be cared for in the last days with compassion shouldnt be a gift, it should be a necessity...


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