Wednesday, 1 January 2020


Gwyneth selling ice cream at one of my village allotment open days 

After work I called up to my sister-in-law's home for a family meal
I've only just got home.
It was too late to call down to see Trendy Carol or to knock on Village Elder Islwyn's door.
I wanted to give them both my best, as after an age of both caring for village character Gwyneth E They both found themselves grieving , not only for someone they looked after in her own home for many years.
But saying goodbye to a dear friend.
Over eighty years ago Gwyneth was born in Trelawnyd..
I think she lived here for most of her life, and years into living a normal life she started showing the symptoms of the disease MS . Islwyn and Trendy Carol amongst others cared for Gwyneth in her own home.
They cared for her better than any trained nurse would ever have done, and they kept her free of the lottery of district general hospital care by pragmatic and informed skill and affection and so when I arrived in the village it was common to see Gwyneth in her electric wheelchair going to church or the village Hall or to one of my open days with one of Trendy Carol 's dogs on her knee.
I never knew her complain or moan once about her lot
She was an old trouper.

And so I am sending my best wishes to Carol and Islwyn today. Unsung heros of the carer world.
Two carers who will miss their charge so acutely as if she was their own mother
You both did Gwyneth proud .
Gwyneth ( left) as a girl in the village by Wynstays ( near affable Despot Jason!s home)


  1. I love how you color in the pictures we have in our mind of the people in your village that you write about. I will never not think of Trendy Carol or Islwyn again without the knowledge of this beautiful thing they did for their friend.

  2. Very touching. Thank you for sharing.

  3. That's really remarkable dedication.

  4. If Duncan-Smith can get a knighthood, surely Carol and Islywyn deserve medals for their selflessness in supporting Gwyneth.

  5. I am sorry to hear of the passing of Gwyneth. How wonderful to hear about the excellent care she received for such a long time from Carol and Islywyn. This is yet another example of the caring and loving village that is your home.

  6. We grieve, when we care. Keep caring for one another.

  7. It must have been so comforting for Gwyneth to have been able to live her life to the end in her own home.Sadly my mum didn't and several others in my family x

  8. Anonymous12:13 am

    I get so discouraged sometimes about things going on in the world and the way people treat each other. This is a powerful reminder of the difference one can make in the lives of others. If we could all just reach out to each other in our homes, our neighborhoods, our towns, our workplaces... Life could be so much better for so many.

  9. What true and selfless generosity from neighbours -- you don't see much of that in the world. May Gwyneth rest in peace. Carol and Islwyn are inspirations.

  10. It is inspiring for an adult child to be a carer for a parent; it's another step beyond that again for unrelated folks to become a carer for a neighbour. Not just anyone is willing to do that. Hats off to Carol and Islwyn for their dedication.

  11. Barbara Anne4:20 am

    How wonderful that Trendy Carol and Islwyn were able and willing to care for Gwyneth in her home for the last phase of her life. Gwyneth was fortunate to be born in a village whose folks would make it possible for her to live there for her whole life. May Gwyneth rest in the knowledge she was well loved.

    I'm sorry Gwyneth is gone and extend my sympathy to all who loved her in the village and who will now miss her.


  12. There are good people everywhere; sadly one usually hears only of the bad.

  13. Vale Gwyneth and hugs thanks to Carol and Islwyn. And condolences to all those who will miss Gwyneth.

  14. Not many of us would be so lucky to have such wonderful, caring friends and neighbours. You live in a very special place Mr G.

  15. There are so many caring friends and neighbours around. My sister is one such, but we normally never hear of them.

  16. Yes, I agree with Cro and Veg. There are many such people. To all your foreign readers who may never come across anything British except reading John's blog, we have many caring people in Great Britain.

  17. It's how it used to be isn't it. Members of a small tight knit family-orientated community helping to take care of one their own. And this is why you fit into this village so perfectly, you are of the same mentality and the same caring, sharing nature.

    I will never speak ill of Chris, but of the two of you the village has kept the best. xx

    1. Chris worked full time and this took him away from village life a lot of the time. He attended the church and I am sure he was equally loved but John's position was always going to be different because he was there so much more.

    2. I think most people realise this Rachel

  18. How lovely to be part of such a tight knit community. Condolences on your village's loss. x

  19. A great photo and tribute. Such incredibly kind people!

  20. So sad for your and the villages loss.

  21. These stalwarts of village life are so often unsung heroes aren't they.

  22. What a lovely tribute to Gwyneth, and to her lovely caregivers. What a gift it is, to live in a small and loving community. Thank you, John, for sharing the love.

  23. we should all be so lucky. this is a wonderful story and wonderful of you to notice it.

  24. Heidi4:34 pm

    A heartfelt tribute, lovely to read.

  25. I love that old photo. Like another world.

  26. What kind and generous neighbors you have. Rest in peace, Gwyneth.

  27. I've worked with people with MS, it's a very cruel disease. So good to read of such kind people, restores faith. x

  28. A lovely tribute to Gwyneth and Carol and Islwyn for their care a reminder to us all to be more generous with our time and give of ourselves.

  29. What a great place you live in.

  30. I'm sorry for the loss of Gwyneth. Great tribute to her and your two friends.

  31. I call these kind of people earthly angels.

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  33. Hi hun, Belated new year wishes to you - may all your dreams come true in 2020! What lovely people you are surrounded by in your village. No wonder you want to stay there.hugs x


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