Sunday, 21 April 2019

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was never one of my favourite days .
Even though we had lots of eggs as a child, the day was centred around a quiet day at home The Greatest Story Ever Told on the television and long stretches of tedious boredom.
Today I am gardening in the blissful bird song filled village sunshine without any accompanying noise from next door's  JCB.
Much later I'm going to a family barbecue

A few years ago today I was caught in my front garden in my PJs by Pippa from the old Rectory.
I was hiding a golden foil cover chocolate rabbit and a selection of eggs in the borders and in cracks in the old stone wall that surrounds the tiny patch of grass that pretends to be a lawn.
I was having fun as I was playing egg hunt not for myself, and indeed not for any child in the village but it was for my 70 year old mother in law who would later join in with the fun dressed in a fleece dressing gown and fluffy slippers!

funny what you remember eh?


  1. Ive disabled comments just for today

  2. Your flowers are lovely. I'm always surprised that the UK seems to be earlier than the Southern US in producing Spring flowers. Your Winters seem to be so much harsher than ours. Enjoy the BBQ.

  3. The front view could have been mini eggs.

  4. I'm guessing she doesn't visit any more. Such a shame because she seemed a lovely lady and you got on so well with each other. Divorce is the parting of more than two in a relationship, sadly.

  5. Fleece dressing robe and bunny slippers are my go-to.


  6. Now if my Easter eggs looked like the top ones pictured, I'd be going on hunts all the time.

  7. I remember the Easter egg hunt you used to do too and the meticulous preparation you did to make your guest feel welcome.

  8. I remember it well, gosh time flies so fast and circumstances alter.


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