Monday, 11 June 2018

No Comment Required

Several of you out there have picked up on a certain melancholy creeping into Going Gently recently. Perhaps it's been around for a few months now, as my husband and I have found ourselves at a crisis point which is in need of a resolution.
I'm not saying any more. It's a private matter and just for today I don't want any comments on this blog entry about it.
Perhaps I just wanted you to know it's a bit tough at the moment
Hey ho.


  1. It took me so long trying to work out whether the elephant was sitting or lying down that I didn’t make the connection “elephant in the room!”

  2. Hey ho, comments back! Sending warm thoughts. Sadness is no less real when one is cheering other people up.

  3. Sending warmth and love from New York!

    Cassie S

  4. Missed your blog while I was tending to family deaths and diagnosis's. Seems the world is crapping on everyone these days!


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