Thursday, 7 June 2018


Jessie Buckey as Moll and Jonney Flynn as Pascal

I took myself off to theatr Clwyd last night and thankfully there were an actual film showing.
So I went to see the Film Beast -a debut slow burn thriller by British filmmaker Michael Pearce.

Set in a rather foreboding and moody Jersey we find twenty something Moll (Jessie Buckley) still living a claustrophobic life at home with her parents. Moll is the part time carer to her father who is suffering from Alzheimer's and is very much under the thumb of her mother (Geraldine James) who favours Moll's siblings in a controlled passive-aggressive kind of way.
After a disastrous birthday party Moll bumps into Pascal ( Jonney Flynn) a scruffy , uncouth poacher and petty criminal who strangely seems to understand the sadness within her  and the two embark on a relationship against the backdrop of fear and mistrust as the wider community copes with recent disappearance of murder of several Island teenage girls.

Pearce has crafted a complicated and rather clever narrative here. Very slowly we find out that Moll is not quite what she seems. Instead of just finding peace and a happiness from her icy family home within her new, rather sweet relationship, Moll's past (a moment of teenage violence) is uncovered and revisited and the story then descends into a much darker piece indeed.

As Pascal becomes one of the suspects in the local murders the couple's pasts come to haunt them both and what started as a haunting love story evolves into who is the real baddie here?  kind of thriller.

Buckley carries the film quite magnificently. With her delicate looks, and doe eyed expression that can morph from Victim to " villain" in a heartbeat , she captures perfectly, the ambiguous backstory within Moll and she dominates the film in a powerhouse performance.

It's a dark, moody piece, beautifully shot in an oppressive Jersey most would not recognise .



  1. Ever thought of film reviewing?

    I like the sound of it

  2. Sounds like a well-crafted film and not gratuitous nonsense like many cinema thrillers that seem to appeal to the lowest common denominator. I might give it a whirl if it comes to The Showroom.

  3. I hope it is shown here. He looks ok.

  4. I'd have definitely seen this but, like so many I've avoided for the same reason recently, it was the featuring of certain animals and what happens to them, that put it out of bounds for me. Were it not for that I feel I might well have been impressed. And it has had mostly quite positive reviews.

  5. Oooh ... that sounds good :-)

  6. I enjoyed it. Well crafted story.

  7. Great review writer!
    Sounds frightening!

  8. You really do such good reviews John.

  9. You are an excellent film viewer. A man of so many talents!

  10. OK, I am over here and probably will never see the film. Please tell all.

  11. Sounds intriguing. One I would like to watch.

  12. That movie sounds really good. I will look for it toco e to a theater near me.

  13. Was that girl one of the contestants on that singing prog when they were looking for a 'Nancy'?She's done very well for herself if it is. P.s. Jersey was never like that whenever I holidayed there!!


  14. Teriffic review,

    cheers, parsnip


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