Monday, 11 December 2017

The Walking Dead mid season finale

oh dear,.........well lets start positively
Big Jerry, Carol, Diane and Judith and Michonne survived the episode.
Rosita almost smiled at Tara .
Dr Carson escaped Sanctuary with Gabriel whilst Dwight made good and joined the good guys as did Siddig
Carol led the Kingdom people to safety
And Daryl led the oh so few Alexandrian survivors out of town in a load of bin lorries as Nabila kicked some ass

Unfortunately the writers now are repeating the mistakes they made in Season four where they had Carol down as a serial killer....they've written a plot that doesn't quite make sense
And like Judge Judy says
"If it doesn't make sense it's not true"
So the saviours suddenly were able to counterattack on a sixpence
So Enid on a quest to get Oceanside on board shot their leader,
Maggie got herself trapped then was unexpectedly released
The dreadful Jadis ran off in the first reel
And because Chandler Riggs starts college this year ( and is still supposed to be 13 or so) Carl bloody well got bitten !
So it's just  The Atlanta Three for season 9.

I still love the programme ....a great final shot in the sewers.


  1. One day I will watch at least one episode.

  2. Hi John, I miss the blog Ocean breezes, Ron Jim and their Dog Sophie and never really got to say how wonderful it was and the beautiful photos each week, now as we are close to Christmas I would like to send them a card even care of the shop on the hill or an email address to let them know that I wish them all the best, do you know how to get in touch?
    All this being said I love your blog as well although I don't always respond but I do get a lot of pleasure reading it.
    cheers Margo

  3. The Carl got bit thing did not go down well in our house. My sons have read the graphic novels and were like NOOOO, Carl lives longer.

  4. I just can't with walking dead anymore. I tried checking in this season, but the scene was always Rick and the Gang and the Kingdom folks getting there butts kicked or the tiger was becoming walker food, so I just couldn't. Now I'm reading Carl's bitten. WTF? Next they'll kill Michonne off. I'm done.

  5. I have never seen one episode of The Walking Dead, but I want that T-shirt.

    The last TV show that gave me the will to live and die was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Should I start binge watching them zombies?

  6. I must have had too many bathroom breaks 'cause like you i was asking myself, how did that happen? One minute they are like in deep do do then Wa'la all free. I guess we are supposed to fill in those blanks. I felt Carl has been on the back burner since he lost the eye. IM ready to really kick Eugene's ass!

  7. Did Carl really get bitten by a Walker? Could be Negan sending a message! Walker bites look much more vicious to me! Guess we will have to wait and see! :) :) Whatever, I will miss Carl if they take him off the show even though he was getting a little boring!

  8. Still enjoying it, although not a fan of the face montages. I thought the ending was a big surprise, although I did know that Chandler Riggs was starting college, so guess it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise...Have watched the show since the beginning.

  9. Still haven't watched since Sheba died.

    But glad to hear Carl got bit....couldn't stand him, or and that damn poor man's Tilda Swinton, Jadis. How do these damn bastards keep getting out of these tight spots?

  10. Negan taking their guns and kicking their asses (or trying) again but at least even though they were all on the run, they showed a bit of backbone. and why the hell they keep trusting that Jadis is beyond me. And then Carl getting bit. Here's what I want to know though. Where are they getting the constant supply of gas and bullets?

  11. I like the show. I am really ready for the war against the Saviors to end.

    The show is so well done that I tend to stay quiet about my misgivings and let them do it how they're going to do it. But I'm honestly ready for whatever comes next...

  12. One day I won't watch one episode . LOL
    My husband loved it ...

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  14. Have you had a rethink? Last night you wrote that you still loved it ...just. I keep watching in the hope that it returns to its former glory. I read an interview with Chandler Riggs and it wasn't his decision to leave; he only found out when they were rehearsing episode 6.
    This is the interview in case you haven't seen it

    1. I still have reservations about the writing scarlet

  15. Anonymous10:03 am

    When we moved to Devon from Wales we didn't renew our Sky package so couldn't get TWD. However our daughter can get it and we have seen three or four of this new season. I used to look forward to watching, but for some reason haven't missed it. I'm sorry that Carl was bitten, I quite liked him.
    We can get Fear the Walking Dead, which we watch instead and that is getting to be a bit same-old same-old. Maybe Zombies have had their day and it's time for something new.

    Joan (Devon)

  16. My daughter and I got sucked ...big time... into the LOST series... wowzer was the ending bad... I am too scared to get into another series.. she loves Zombies.. I hate them.. if we go to the supermarket we race back to the car .. I jump in and lock her out .. I laugh at her scrabbling to open the door shouting MUM... ZOMBIE's very funny and we get strange looks...hahaha... my daughter is the best.. I adore her... but I still despise zombies... sorry John..

    1. LOL Jo ... true mother love, you adore her despite zombies :)

  17. I too am finished. I haven't watched tv in about 6 years now, but had been buying the DVD for this program. I have season 1 thru 6 if anyone wants them.

  18. I am slowly watching the previous season; the earlier seasons were more hopeful as the good people gathered on the farm, and as Rick rode into the city on a horse, etc. Still watching, mainly for my guy Darryl.


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