Thursday, 14 December 2017

Hey Ho

Saddlers Wells Theatre didn't let the audience into the auditorium until 7.40, ten minutes after Mathew Bourne's production of his Cinderella ballet was due to start.
After we sat down we were told that because of a "power problem" the production had been cancelled .
I was disappointed for sure as was Nu, .....we had so looked forward to see the production !
However Mathew Bourne, after apologising on line did comment that his production was touring so could be seen at another venue ....I think he  forgot  that some people had saved for an age to see his wonderful ballet

I felt for the woman who complained on line tonight. She had booked her ticket in March. Paid for her train tickets from Scotland and a hotel and was hoping the ballet would be the highlight of her 50 th birthday!..she obviously didn't come down to London often!

....I paid 89£ to go to London.....
But I am lucky ...I'd pay that anyway to see Nu


  1. Well that's not the post you were expecting to write, sorry your evening didn't turn out well.

  2. bummer, dude! at least you got to see your bestest friend!

  3. What a disappointment! I feel bad for the ticket holders. Especially that 50th Bday lady.

  4. Whatever happened to "The show must go on"? So disappointing! I hope your performance tickets were refunded?


  5. I expect someone was pissed; the usual excuse is something totally unrelated. I could spill beans!

  6. well that really sucks :(
    For everybody.

  7. Cor blimey, that's rotten luck. A whole lot of disappointed people. Like you many would have travelled long distances and been looking forward to a very special night out.

  8. You've said it all in your last sentence! What a lovely thing to say. you are lucky to have Nu as a friend but also Nu is lucky to have you!
    Greetings Maria xx

  9. Surely they could have run an extension cable from the nearby office block.

  10. We once went from Blackburn to London on a coach trip to see Peter Kay. The jour eye down was horrendous with the motorway being closed altogether. After a hair raising dash through the countryside on a huge coach we arrived just as the second part began. Our seats were in the gods and when Peter Kay saw thirty odd people shuffling to their seats, he shouted "where have you been til now?" Cringe worthy.....

  11. Um, methinks all info is interesting ...
    Rminds me of when as Usher/Commissionaire At teh QLD Arts Centre.
    Policy - the doors are closed when the performance begins.
    Yep, was one of those 'doormMAN' THAT WAS THE RULE AND POLICY.

    You have no idea how many of the "Ministers" within the Joh Blejke dominance thought that they, and their "entourage" could simply 'turn up' - and 'Dictate their pleasure'.

  12. Glad you had a nice time regardless. I would have been the woman who had planned for months and I'm sad and angry on her behalf.

  13. I have fond memories of the Rogers and Hammerstein version of Cinderella with Leslie Ann Warren that used to play on TV when I was a kid. Maybe they could put what you saw on the tube as well.

    1. Pretend I didn't leave that comment. I saw another Cinderella post you did on a different day, and thought I was leaving a comment there. That's what happens when I try to catch up on blogs on the fly.

      But I do hope you get to see this performance on another night.

  14. That would be heartbreaking I'm sure for many people. What a shame.

  15. That breaks my heart, partly because the beauty of art and performance seems so important right now in this uncertain world. Surely you will all get a refund--Saddlers Wells is hardly a fly by night operation. But then, it's a strange old world we live in and I'm glad you had a friend with you.

    I'm too old and broke to travel to London for ballet (although I'd dearly love to), but maybe I could send an outraged message to SW, claiming to be rich Yank who will never darken their doors again!


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