Monday, 13 November 2017

" For Being Such A Cool Dude"

It's good to say this but The Walking Dead, after a somewhat shaky start, is now back on form.
During a tense fourth episode , King Ezekiel has lost most of his subjects in a surprise attack. carol is left to face the saviours alone and good, happy old Jerry (Cooper Andrews)comes  up trumps with his theatrical axe.
The episode has everything: a deposed king who is really a flim-flam man, a woman of fifty who can kick ass better than Sigourney Weaver and a sweet natured Polynesian who has suddenly become a firm fan favourite! Oh and Richk and Daryl kick some saviour ass and do some Bro bonding
Pity Shiva had to die but I suspect the CGI budget was probably well over what it ought to be .  


  1. I hated Shiva dying.

  2. There was a moment during this episode when I thought Ezekiel was going to get bitten and I thought, "Why in the world do I watch this show?"

    But in general, I liked it. I liked the image of the King's own troops, dead and chasing him down.

    And getting rid of the expensive CGI tiger incapable of character development made sense, in retrospect. Great episode.

  3. John do you have a show called the Talking Dead?

    1. Yes right after the main show

  4. Looking forward to your next post!

  5. I need to get back to watching this show, great review indeed. Greetings!

  6. OHHH It hit me hard when Shiva was not saved! She was the epitome of Hope. I agree it was a budget driven hit...I assume you always watch the after show too, new term gravelass...what a hoot!

  7. I have loved The Walking Dead, so much that I used to rewatch every episode from the beginning before a new season started, watch each new episode twice and could hardly wait for the next.
    I think it has lost its way somewhat, but still watch, in the hope that things are going to improve and we're going to see more than an occasional good episode.

  8. I see the walking dead every day. Just have to look out the window.

  9. Loved it; a real uptick from the earlier episode.

  10. I loved Ezekiel's speech. Wonderful writing.

  11. Sheba joined Buttons the horse.

    Every animal dies.

  12. Carol, Daryl and Michonne would be on my team. You can have Daryl at the weekends...


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