Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Animal Helper Pat - A Favour

We are off to see family in Kent soon and Animal Helper Pat is babysitting Albert which is lovely of her.
In way of a return favour, I promised to big up her open garden afternoon which she and fellow villager Anthea are holding to raise money for their Church.
Here are the details! Lots to see ( both ladies have fabulous gardens) and plenty of cake to eat

Tomorrow I shall tell you the story of the bathing of three well behaved dogs!
......and Winnie........
It's an epic nightmare 


  1. Can't wait. Good luck for the Open Gardens. I am there in spirit.

  2. I hope Pat makes oodles of money!
    Have a nice time!

  3. Good luck for the gardens. Gardens and cake sounds close to perfect.

  4. have fun! can't wait to hear the story!

    1. I'll write it in 10 hours

  5. Can't wait to hear about this one.

  6. I wish her much success with the gardens and cake fundraiser.

    And can hardly wait for the bath story :)

  7. rut row, I think it's going to be a saga of epic proportions the world has never seen/read before!

  8. I do hope you throw in the animals perspectives. I imagine albert sitting on the fence chuckling at the bath day ritual.

  9. Love going to the open gardens in our village, hope all goes well.

  10. Folk will fly in from around the world on your recommendation John. Glorious gardens and CAKE... what is there not to like? Enjoy the trip, is it Broadstairs you're bound? Most of your posts are 'epic'... can't wait!

  11. What is "their church"? The Church of The Crooked Witches of the Red Apocalypse?

  12. You are not supposed to tell the general public about any back-scratching deals that go with what seems to be an altruistic offer to pet-sit. Oh well, I suppose all publicity is good publicity.


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