Sunday, 4 June 2017

Jump Start

Jason the affable despot told me that the village hall has a new vending machine.
It turns out that a community defibrillator has been fitted!
Now I am somewhat surprised that no information has been given out by the community council as an initiative like this needs publicity, especially as it could be instrumental in saving someone's life.

Trelawnyd People take is situated by the side door!


  1. That is kind of like starting up a village firedepartment and not exposing the number or location... you can become the village hero, John, educating the villagers in how to use that device!
    Hopefully the village hall has only one side door....

  2. This is a great thing to have in the village. Even greater if no one needs it.

  3. My place of employment recently got a couple of defibrillators installed too and I received training on how to use one a couple of months ago. The machines truly do walk you through it every step of the way!

  4. It would be awful if a poorly person needed defibrillation and a potential rescuer didn't know the access code.

    1. The access code is given my the 999 operator

  5. What shall I do John, if I am the only one who can get it, I am deaf and can't hear the bloomin operator.

  6. I thought that was a coin slot! And was picturing not having a quarter to get the thing going, meanwhile the victim lies there dying.
    And the access code thing sounds iffy. Better the fire department has it or the police?

  7. It looks like a Juke Box.

  8. Good spot... right next to the condom machine!

  9. John, Happy Birthday. This new vending machine is a big deal! I just took a class. In San Francisco if you have a need for this you have a fifteen percent chance of living, Portland - 30%, New York 60% chance of surviving -- all due to the number of people trained. And these numbers are based on manual palpitations (though as you know it is quite hard work), so, good on Treylawnyd!

  10. That's a very good thing if folks know how to use it.


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