Monday, 3 April 2017

The Walking Dead Finale ( Spoilers! )

He never saw her coming ! 

The producers still had  a few tricks up their sleeves as The Walking Dead draw to a bloody climax tonight.
With the ambiguities very clear of who are the goodguys and who are the bad guys , " Team Family"  is effectively double crossed by the ill conceived junk yard group and find themselves again at the mercy of Negan and his band cut throats.
Nothing New there, especially as the audience could see Sasha's self sacrifice coming a mile away, but the  real satisfaction of this last episode comes from the sight of Carol leading the Kingdom's small band  of knights alongside Maggie and a rag tag band of brothers from Hilltop. Who turn up at the eleventh hour to save the day.
In actual fact, it is the remarkable CGI of Shiva, who steals the show, as she interrupts Carl's murder with a murderous attack of her own, dispatching Negan's men with  a crowd cheering munch!
In the end no more of the now united team family are killed, and Negan is driven off alongside Dwight who is clearly Rick's new cuckoo -in-the-nest .
Maggie's final voice over, as the leaders of the communities unite,  is strangely rather moving  and underlines the equalities of the sexes and just how far many of the characters have now come.
" People that once would pass each other in the street" are now family. she muses in her southern drawl.
I do hope baby Hershel survives in season 8!


  1. I know it had me on the edge of my seat. I don't know how much more this group can survive. And my anger was at a pinpoint when not only Negan, but Dwight and Jadis all made it out....YET AGAIN! I will savor the taste when they finally get their sweeties one day.

  2. Negan's famous words "G*d damned Tiger!"

  3. Carl was also a hero as he immediately drew down on the gang when Walker Sasha attacked Negan! so HAPPY Negan's plan was foiled!

  4. I'm watching it tonight. Just as long as they aren't cowering on their knees, I can take it.

  5. :-) Have a good night.

  6. I re-watched Branagh's 'Mary Shelly's Frankenxtein' the other night and was reminded how effing bad it is. It is so bad that I am going to take a leaf out of your book and review it.

  7. Was so mad when the dumpster divers double crossed the group and backed Negan really thought it was over. It is going to be hard waiting till October.

  8. It was so good to see you not put down the show John... So many seem to be doing that lately... They didn't like the season and they didn't like the finale... The season was too slow and muddled.. To me , at this point they have a hug character load and they are trying to tell a story not just a blood bath... I enjoyed the season And i enjoyed the finale... I SO wanted that tiger to get Negan... or maybe Michonne get Negan with the sniper rifle.. or Sasha get him by turning into a zombie... but it didn't happen... Damn that guy has 9 lives... But one day... he's gonna get his and it will be soooo satisfying...Do you think part of the problem with the series is the character load??? They just can't do justice to them all.. I mean Carl and Rick kneeling together in the finale is the first time i've seen them together in awhile... Any way great show... great review... Hugs! deb

  9. GREAT finale! Hard to believe the difference in last year's finale and this one. So dark last year and while this had loss, it ended upbeat in a way. That speech by Maggie was beautiful. And I have hope for next season. But I know it's going to be tough getting there...

  10. Having never watched an episode of this program, I have relied entirely on your reports to have any idea of what it might have been about.

    Thank you. xo

  11. Predictable, but I loved it, too.

    Negan's face and shouts as Sasha comes at him - and again when Shiva makes her entrance - were fantastic.

    The screen shot you included here was the real highlight.

    I guess it is fortunate the tiger didn't pounce and eat Carl. That would have been embarrassing.

  12. ''remarkable CGI of Shiva''? what s a CGI?

  13. Computer generated image!

  14. If I was Rick, I would so go and set fire to the scrap yard, it would burn for weeks!

  15. I hate the dumpster people! Why do they all talk as if they have had strokes?

    1. Agreed Oliver a stupid idea


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