Monday, 20 February 2017

The Walking Dead Season 7 Eps10

Relationships don't last too long in The Walking Dead ask Maggie, Sasha and Rosita if you don't believe me! Rick has been with Michonne just one series now and the " boys" Aaron and Eric seem to be hanging on in there but everyone else seems to be suffering from Walking Dead Widow syndrome.
Everyone but Carol and Daryl.
These fractured characters have been friends since the close of season 1, and it was an absolute joy for the series audience to see them reunited in tonight's episode.
Carol and Daryl are the heart of team Rick. They are both victims of  domestic abuse, but have blossomed in this dangerous new world and although still very much  damaged goods, their vulnerabilities have propelled them into two of the most cherished characters in the entire show
Tonight when Daryl, the borderline Aspergers warns off Richard with the words
 " if she ever gets hurt...she dies....she catches a fever....gets taken out by a walker....gets hit by lightening...anything...anything....happens to her...and I'll kill you."
It brought a lump to my throat!
The Walking Dead needs such characters.
Without them, it's just a gore fest.


  1. I don't have attachments to the show. DH does.
    I guess I'm happy for you!

  2. The heart wants what the heart wants.

  3. I couldn't agree more. I just keep hoping their days aren't numbered yet. With this series, one never knows...... I just hope Daryl gets to take out Negan.

  4. I have to wait for season 7 to come out on disk. Have not turned on or subscribed to tv service in 5 years now. Cant say i miss much and the news is a waste of time. But i have all the WD series to date.

  5. I posted last night on your other thread while I was watching this scene and I said then "wow". And still just WOW. Loved it. Love them. If at the end, they are the only two left standing, I'd be ok with that. (though I'd like to have Michonne and Rick there at the end as well, but Daryl and Carol for sure).

  6. :O)
    Every time you talk about The Walking Dead, I smile, my husband loved that show. I would spend that time on the computer .. I am not a zombie admirer ~

  7. I'll have to remember that line the next time I drop my dog off at the kennel.

  8. Agree there Jan B. Wish we'd know that line when we dropped our dogs off at kennels four years ago, and a week later had a phone call to say one of them had died. (Their fault too - they forgot to give on of them her heart tablets, in spite of written and verbal instructions from us)

  9. Again I have it recorded and haven't watched it yet. It's my treat for later but I have been hoping Carol and Daryl would be reunited sometime. I too have loved that they have been there since the start and always hoped that they would become a couple but I think their abiding friendship is perhaps more than that.

  10. It was a beautiful moment when they hugged - I love a Daryl and Carol hug. And when he said, 'why did you leave, why did you go' it brought a tear to my eye.

  11. So glad Daryl finally got some good scenes and dialogue. He and Carol are my favorites. Now, if somebody would please cut Carl's hair, I'd be happy.

    1. Daryl needs a haircut and a good wash too

  12. I have long thought that. Looking at the photos on your side bar, I had forgotten he ever looked that good. He has for so long had the long, lank, locks! I guess you have to make allowances in his world. We love him just the same.

  13. I did the Happy Dance to see these two back together again. The second half of 7 has been awesome. More our gang, and less will Tara lead them to the guns is the burning Q?


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