Thursday, 29 December 2016


Cro posted this Welsh lullaby on his blog today. You might of heard it before, especially if you are a fan of Steven Spielberg who used it to wonderful effect in his movie Empire Of The Sun. 
It's called Suo Gân 
Which literally means " lullaby" in Welsh.

I've always loved it's final verse , which can be translated several ways.
This version is my favourite.

" Leaves are knocking,
Gently knocking at our door.
Have no fear now, waves are beating,
Gently beating on the shore.
Sleep my darling, non shall harm you,
Nor alarm you, never
And beguiling those on high"

We are having a quiet afternoon by the fire. William and Mary have returned from the kennels ( Mary with three unexpected large bald spots on her rump) and as most dogs do after barking their tits off for five days they are now sleeping the deep relaxed sleep of being securely home.
Winnie is passing almost silent farts on the hearthrug, George and Albert are curled up in respective arm chairs and the Prof is cooking a ham in the kitchen.

I may just play Suo Gan's the perfect choice for a cold Welsh Evening.......


  1. The music is beautiful!

  2. It sounds so perfect :)
    I am sitting out on the lanai with 2 cats, napping on their chairs, while I get some peace from the soft breezes, sunshine and blue skies and bird song .. Living in Florida has its moments.

  3. What a lovely last paragraph.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. So lovely to be all home together.

  5. Yes, I love it too John. In fact the service is one of the highlights of my Christmas every year. My dear friend Jean, who died some years ago, and I used to watch it together every year. I never miss a year and it starts Christmas off on the right note.
    Happy New Year to you and the Prof.

  6. A lovely picture you have drawn for us.

  7. Glad you are back safe. And someone else in the kitchen. Always a plus.

  8. Beautiful song. Have a happy and peaceful time.

  9. Kick your feet up and enjoy the music, John.
    Sophie returned once like Mary did with a few bruises....but slept for two days!!

  10. My little cat (a long time ago) disappeared one night before Christmas and I was heartbroken. We were living in NY and I had brought her with me from my home in Los Angeles.
    I had given up finding her, I wept every day ... Christmas morning we were having coffee , admiring the tree and I kept hearing something .. squeaky ... I ran to the door, opened it and this bedraggled little dirty cat strolled in, plopped down in front of the fireplace and slept .. and slept ... a few months later we had a litter of 4 perfect little kittens.

  11. Beautiful music!

  12. It all sounds...bucolic, in a bizarre, Welsh I guess, way. I need to adjust my expectations if I move there. You're one of three places I'm considering, btw. Not your village, necessarily, but within 40K.

  13. Sounds perfect, John - except for Winnie's farts perhaps...
    Good to hear the animals are all home safe and sound with you.
    Happy New Year to all of you!

  14. A lovely lullaby sung by the purest of voices!

  15. I do try to sing along in Welsh, but my pronunciation is all over the place!

  16. Glad you're all safely home together now, but what a great Christmas you've shared. I loved the images of the blow up mattress :D
    Happy New Year to you all.x

  17. Oh what voices!!! And I did love that film a lot, the singing made it almost bearable. It sounds like a nice homecoming, that party at Christmas was joyous, I'm sure, by the look of it, never understood the hats and paperspectacles..., but home is home!!
    One thing I fell into trance in front of was those lovely Christmas landscapes....oh oh oh. We saw the Rogue 1 and Leo was absolutely right!! Happy New Year to you and the menagerie!!!

  18. Thank you for this, just beautiful! Happy New Year to you and the Prof

  19. I have been listening to this music every time I sit down to the computer. It is just so perfect. Thank you again .


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