Monday, 28 November 2016

The Walking Dead - Swear

I like Alanna Masterson's character on The Walking Dead. As the slightly lumpy, big hipped, wisecracking and at times gauche lesbian Tara, Masterson brings some welcome humour to a story so often filled with sadness and horror. 
In this her stand alone episode, Tara finds yet another community ( this time a totally female encampment called Oceanside.) The newbees are mistrusting on any stranger as they had all of their men over ten years old culled by Negan's saviors and the whole episode was really a reflective piece of the bad things , good people do, in the name of survival .
Oceanside kills strangers no matter now innocent they may be . The Alexandrians killed Negan's satellite soldier group in their beds and so no one comes out truly clean in this brave new world.
Tara, in a rather plodding episode had a chance to explore this concept.
Oh and with her big hips swaying like a grand Southern Mama she killed 50 sand covered walkers in the most hammy and bumbling kind of way, it made me like her even more .


  1. I found my mind wandering during this episode. tara is fine as a sidekick to more interesting characters, but an entire episode of her was too much.

    1. I think i agree with you oliver, but i think that the producers needed a final community to procide Akexandria with a weapon cache as well as write Tara back in after Alanna had her baby

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  2. Yep, totally agree with you on this one. I think that Oceanside is just one more place (with LOTS of guns) that can help team up with Alexandria, Hilltop and The Kingdom for the ultimate battle against Negan and The Sanctuary.

    Tara sort of bs'd and joked her way through a rather serious encounter and that was kind of endearing. And the sand zombie killing spree, well yeah, she was awesome.

  3. I liked this episode too , although i'm not sure they needed to devote a whole show to Tara ... they can get away with that with say Carol but not Tara... Sometimes i just need a break from Negan ... and its not always Negan himself thats the problem .. its the way everyone is so scared of him and bows down to him.. Man! Gets my dander up every time... Hugs! deb

  4. I wondered if they just wrote her out of the script. go off on a supply run and just never come back. so much has happened in the 2 weeks she's been gone. but, I like Tara too. and all of a sudden they are discovering all these other communities.

  5. I wondered why she suddenly got rather chubby, she had a baby girl...


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