Saturday, 9 July 2016

Winnie's watching

Winnie Watching!
I mentioned this in my post of yesterday morning but my words were lost in the internet fog that sometimes overwhelms blog land
I am repeating the phenomenomen today!
Last night Winnie did " the thing"
At ten - ish pm , when I am watching crap copper chopper tv , she got down heavily from her arm chair to sit at my feet.
There she sat.
She sat and watched , her gaze never leaving my face with the big brown sad eyes of the Mona Lisa
I am always moved by this behaviour.
She demanded nothing.
No head pat  no belly rub , no word of encouragement , all she wants to do is to sit and watch .
Like Miss Marple crossed with Buddha.
I wonder what is going on in that fat bulldog brain of hers.
But I think its just her touching base.
She wants to check that I am there, as I have always been.
A bulldog psychological hug so to speak.

Those big sad brown eyes


  1. A cat can look at a king, and winnie can (and does) look at you.

  2. It was a pleasant surprise to hear from you today :)

    Winnie looks like a dog who's easy to love. And easier to get along with than most people, too, because they almost always expect a proverbial belly rub of some kind.

  3. Copper chopper TV? Policemen exposing their willies to the camera is not my cup of tea. I would rather watch "Newsnight".

  4. "Miss Marple crossed with Buddha".
    I like that!

  5. She loves you, sweet look of adoration. :-)

  6. I have a tortoise shell cat who comes up to me promptly at 10:30 each night, to shepherded me off to bed. Then exactly 7 hrs later, the other cat makes annoying noise to wake me up. Winnie has me stumped though. She's a sweetheart whatever she's doing!

  7. Oh give her a big kiss from me please.

  8. That sweet face...I'm crying.

  9. I think that's called adoration.

    Sweet, sweet Winnie.

  10. I remember reading a bit by a bulldog breeder who stated that bulldogs will break your heart. I'm sure they would break mine with those loving limpid brown eyes following me... We have a border collie/Australian shepherd cross who Watches me. But her eyes perhaps as loving are (thank goodness) more attentive and vigilant than adoring. She is always in hopes of food or a walk. Stay strong, John. :)

  11. She just wants to be sure you are still there and she loves you.
    Love is love.
    thehamish can be walking right by me, a lick on the ankle and a quick look up just to be sure.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  12. She loves you.

  13. Imagine having those limpid eyes, so full of love, looking up at you. You're a lucky man, Winnie is gorgeous.

  14. She's thinking gratitude for your taking her in. Absolutely sure of it.

  15. She's thinking 'Really? you can watch this rubbish on the tv?'.

  16. Such a touching photo, it melts me, those beautiful eyes.

  17. Well you rescued her, she likes to gaze at her hero and savour how blessed she is. X

  18. This is exactly what my terrier does and it is because she wants to be let out to toilet! I always ask her 'what do you want' and she runs to the door. Just a thought

  19. I suspect that she is asking for something. My elderly Collie does that - just stands and stares straight into my eyes in that 'can't-be-ignored' way.
    "What do you want?" I ask him and usually it's a walk he wants, when a quick dash into the garden just won't cut the mustard.

  20. She is a sweet girl and you are very lucky to have her in your life!

  21. She looks up into your eyes and wonders, "what is he thinking and why is he watching this mindless crap?"

  22. When my cat does that, it means he wants me to pick him up. He is very old and frail and I am happy to carry him around or just let him get comfy on my lap. There have been times that I really needed to get up and do something but I stayed in my chair, holding that sweet old cat in my lap.
    When Pup would stare, my husband said it was dog telepathy. He was telling me something and I just wasn't "getting it " .. usually I would get up and see if he needed water or food but most times it was 1 - he needed to go out 2- he wanted a kiss.
    Needless to say, he was a very well kissed pup.
    Sweet Winnie would be / probably is well kissed too :)

  23. When Tess does that it usually means one of the following things -
    1. Let me out I want to wee.
    2. My water bowl is empty.
    3. Do you think you gave me enough tea?
    4. I could do with a cuddle please.
    5. An extra walk wouldn't do us any hard.

  24. My little poodle mix does that every night at bedtime but he also brings his favorite toy to sleep with in bed between us. Just sits and stares with his toy in his mouth till we go to bed.

  25. Jan B , I can imagine how adorable that pup is and how impossible it is to say no ! :)

    1. Poodles.... gotta love 'em!!

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  27. What a lovely post x

  28. My dog stares at me every so often. Same kind of thing. He doesn't want anything, he's just loving me with his eyes I think.

  29. Suky does something similar, when I catch her watching me I usually say 'hello are you okay' and she does that little head tilt that Pugs are famous for and my heart just melts.

    Mavis our little rescue Jack Russell does the same sometimes and I can almost feel the love she seems to be sending my way. If I've recently told her off she seems to do it all the more as if looking for reassurance that I still love her as much as I do.

  30. She needs a head pat! She needs a belly rub! She just doesn't say so. I love her.

  31. Possibly just thinking "Yup, looking no better than last time, just getting steadily worse. He's going to the dogs..."

  32. Winnie, has an old soul. I just love her.


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