Monday, 4 April 2016

The Walking Dead Ends

Team Rick is in trouble.

One out of eleven of our best loved characters has been killed tonight and we don't know who.
We know Rick and Carl are safe ( Negan eluded to this) so it's either Aaron, Eugene, Rosita,Maggie, Abe, Sasha, Glen, Daryl or Michonne who gets the bat to the head.
I won't dwell too long on all this, suffice to say the finale was much better than I was led to believe
And at least Carol makes it into next year........
Roll on series 7......

Mondays will be soooo bland from now on.
( just before it started, The Prof gave me a kiss on the lips, pulled my hoodie over my head and told me with a raised Roger Moore Eyebrow that I was a  geek! 


  1. I am becoming a little uncomfortable with the violence. Maybe I'm just sentimental. The goose story brought a lump to my throat too.

  2. my husband has been wittering on ,trying to work out ( from the position where Negan is standing) who gets it with Lucille. Obsessed ! He is now reading the Walking Dead comics on his tablet ! Roll on October. He is driving me nuts .

  3. It was a fantastic finale. October seems a long way off...

  4. Loved it, there is some controversy about the cliffhanger ending but on the Talking Dead they explained why they did it. This is the end of THIS story, the beginning of the next story goes in a different direction and it begins with the loss of someone we care about and how that loss moves the story forward.

    I thought it was well done, glad they made it an extra 30 minutes and I still hold out hope that Carol and Morgan will save the day next season (series)!

  5. At first I was quite aggravated with the ending; shades of mid-season! Thinking about it, however, it now seems insidiously brilliant.

  6. I take it the Prof doesn't indulge in the Walking Dead but being the good husband that he is, he indulges you. Smart man!

  7. Aww The Prof is a good husband !

    cheers, parsnip

  8. I've narrowed my guess to one of three people: Eugene (because the team gave him a fond send off in the RV), Glenn (because of the comic books), or Daryl (because of the camera work). But I hate not knowing!

  9. According to all advertising of late, Geek is the “New” Sexy, what a wonderful compliment you were given.

  10. I reckon Abraham or Aaron!

  11. Don't worry John, life still goes on as usual.

  12. The less said about TWD the better. But I thought you had an outside toilet (the field)

  13. The guy in the baseball bat is the new investigator in The Good Wife isn't he?

  14. Daryl gave an interview about how much he had (past tense) enjoyed being on the show and he has a new show coming up. Abraham's death had been alluded to in an article after the first half of the season. Glenn is already dead in the graphic novel, not by Negan but by a wolf, but with a baseball bat. It has to be one of those three. Some people think they heard Glenn call out Maggie's name and heard her cry out after the first whack with the bat.

    What's sad to me is that the surviving humans war on each other instead of banding together to survive. but that's human nature I suppose. and where were the women in Negan's group?

    1. Apparantly non of the actors know who died?
      That will be filmed next seris

  15. Bless the Prof!


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