Monday, 21 March 2016

The Walking Dead ( spoilers)

We needed a psychiatrist too!

Oh dear.....The Walking Dead is drawing very slowly to the end of season 6 and the writers are fucking things up, just a little, just like they did in season 4. Judge Judy had it pegged right when she said -if it doesn't make sense's not true! And that's very true of the script of the Walking Dead ....if it doesn't make sense then we the audience just don't believe it! 
Suddenly Carol has gone all introspective and has left Alexandria ( well....just....duh?) Poor lumpy and interesting Denise got to say insightful things to Rosita and Daryl , then got crossbowed in the  eyeball and Eugene got to bite some guy's balls off.......but not before he and Abe had a rather long overdue and rather impressive falling out.

Oh dear............I am getting worried about carol's future from tonight......I have a feeling the season's finale will be hers too! Hey ho

I will end by bigging up a little seen British thriller that I saw on tv last night. Towerblock is a dark and violent thriller which has 15 tenants of a London High-rise at the mercy of Mystery sniper. 
The story has more holes in it than a lump of Swiss Cheese and the narrative peters out well before the end but generally the tension holds up throughout the film, especially as twelve of the fifteen die rather unfortunate deaths and the performances are pretty impressive, especially the over the top but truly electric turn by Jack O'Connell as the roughest of rough diamond thugs who helps the survivors beat the sniper


  1. I honestly haven't seen any of it. Sorry for you that it's almost over for the season.

  2. I was a little shocked all the way around last night.

  3. I don't watch the show so nothing would have been spoiled but the sight of that girl with the thing in her eye will give me nightmares ;(

    1. The same here, goodness that is the epitome of gross in my book. I haven't watched tv for over 35 years and if that is what keeps you enthralled John you need to put a warning with those photos " Do not continue particularly those of you with stomach reactions to eyes pushed into the socket with - what is that anyway? I didn't stay long enough to want to know it personally - whatever is there"

      And sweet dreams to you too, dear boy.


  4. I'm not into TWD but did watch Tower Block, although I did identify the killer at the start it seemed so obvious...and Jack/Kurtis is a sexy young thing isn't he?

  5. Gross. Never mind John, when the series finishes, the clocks will have gone forward, and you'll be able to spend your evenings in the garden or walking the dogs...Then there's the flower show.... Life will go on...

  6. Think I will give this one a miss John - this sort of programme is not for me. I am more of a 'This Farming Life' sort of girl (and an ancient one at that).

  7. I am also finding this season's denouement a little, well, sketchy... and the writer's have done so well with Carol's character thus far. It has left me wondering if other of the characters (such as Darryl, Morgan and Rick) might want to pursue her, just as Burny-face and his gang find Alexandria.

  8. I watched 'Tower Block' last night - not really bedtime stuff, is it? So violent! I needed a large glass of Merlot to help towards a reasonable night's sleep. I'm just so grateful I don't live in a tower block . . .

  9. yah, I couldn't believe they killed off Denise just as she was coming into her own. not fair. and what's with Carol? seems out of character for her. the whole thing was pretty stupid. Abe storming off and leaving Eugene behind, Daryl being dumb and returning along the railroad tracks.

  10. It was a very distressing episode this week. I really didn't want Denise to die, she was becoming one of my favourite characters. I really hope they don't kill Carol, we need more Carol and Daryl scenes.

  11. I think Carol's personality arc is fitting: victim to adrenaline-laced outrage fighter to fake soccer mom to someone who just wants to be a real middle-aged person w/love to realizing it will never happen to giving up.


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