Monday, 2 November 2015

Walking Dead Episode 4 .....Hope!

Sometimes The Walking Dead is sort of short on hope...this is especially true recently as we still don't know what happened to poor old Glen and the herd drovers are still out on the road...... Ok Maggie is still flying the flag for blind positivism and even Daryl may be leaning towards the philosophy of gay nice guy Aaron, but with the massacre of the Alexandrians last week....everything is still feeling rather bleak.
This week we follow Morgan's back story and It's an interesting, quieter take on redemption, as when mental illness really takes hold, he is shown compassion, and hope by a gentle stranger who sees this strange new world with a bite of intelligent psychology.
Its a clever and gentle episode
Rick remains all spiky his leadership followed by Abe and Second lieutenant Carol
But it is Morgan who holds all the humanitarian cards me thinks....and it is him and his followers that hold the hope
Mind you.. The wolf in Alexandria .......will kill someone special...mark my words x

Humm and for the first time in the Walking Dead traumatic sress disorder has been addressed


  1. A skunk would be more loved than Father Gabriel!

  2. Great episode. Amazing that a show can not have all of its main stars in an episode and it's still engaging and gripping. Nicely done!!

  3. Poor, poor Tabitha.

    I think they are giving us time to realize life can go on with out every one.

    I always enjoy your synopsis.

  4. The episode had a moment of power when the one fellow was talking about his family being murdered. It reminded me of Carol and Tyreese when Carol tole him se killed Karen and he forgave her....One of the most powerful moments in the entire series...

  5. Never mind the Walking Dead… is Mary? Did Chris cope OK at the weekend? More pictures please. X

  6. it could be Glenn. in the comic book he dies and they are approaching that part in the series. on the other hand, the TV show doesn't follow the comic book completely as Carol is long dead and Andrea is still alive. there are other discrepancies.

  7. I love how TWD switches from terrifying edge of your seat horror one week to a clever. thought provoking two hander. Cheese making amongst the horror, genius. R.I.P. Tabitha

  8. For me it was a shame that they placed this episode next, as I am a big Glen fan, and wanted to see his fate, especially as this was one of the best episodes ever, but I just kept thinking are they going to show us what happened every now and then throughout....


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