Sunday, 29 November 2015

The wind up the willows

The Atlantic storm " Fanny" or whatever is her chosen name THIS week had hit our part of the world with force overnight with  60 mile an hour winds. The Prof is working in his office and I am hiding away in bed with William ( his treat as he has been " babysitting " Mary all night in the kitchen.)
The wind is whooshing through the cottage with a vengeance as Scary Mary, in a fit of wanton destruction , has demolished the friggin cat flap.
The place is like a friggin wind tunnel what with these ice cold Westerlies shooting through our passages
I'll buy and fit a new cat flap tomorrow....I cannot face another shop today. On night shift.


  1. I'm sure you could order a catflap online and have it there in no time at all, it;; save you going shopping again. Ooh, nasty, ice cold westerlies through your passages ... you don't want that!

  2. Murphys Law!! A freezing wind and a destroyed cat flap, sounds cold.

  3. NOT going to buy a cat flap...
    never, ever again!
    Our cats would be in and out of it all the time...
    in fact the "little" queen would just sit there in all weathers...
    head out, looking at the world....
    the flap acting as a rain shield...
    her bulk nice and warm...
    the winds would whistle round her...
    undoing all the double-glazing and wall insulations' hard work!!

    getting up and opening the door is good excercise...
    for whoever is nearest!!

  4. Oh what a sweet little doggie-woggie Mary is! Destroying upholstery, vandalising the cat flap, shitting everywhere, driving Winnie insane, frightening Camilla away, keeping William up all night...she really is a sweetie! No way would you have wanted a stuffed Mary on wheels with a handle to steer her! It just wouldn't have been the same.

    1. Pretty much average behaviour for a terrier pup I'd say.....

  5. You keep mentioning fanny. Not so interesting to me.

  6. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Hopefully nothing uninvited comes through the badgers or skunks.

  7. Never put in a cat flap, as the house would be full of skunks, raccoons, possums and stunned bats, snakes and mice or rats that revived once inside.....!
    Out black cat brought in dead snakes as a kitten, when they used a hole in the screens in the porch, to go in and out. Hole no longer there and I think she has lost the snake fascination....

  8. Between the dog doors and holes in the screens around here, I never know what I'm going to find in the house. It is not unusual to find chicken shit on the floor in the kitchen if I've been gone for awhile.

  9. Stay safe.

    On some days Mary's not so cute, is she?

  10. You'll have to give her a good talking to, John !

  11. You should worry! That bloody wind caused our plane to abort landing at Heathrow this afternoon at the last minute ( we were so nearly down) and then when we did eventually land 15 mins later just as we touched, the left wing tip dipped and must have been a few inches off the ground…it was scary, and everyone clapped and cheered as we landed safely. X

  12. Hunkering down is, truly, the wisest choice. Stay put!

  13. Nothing more desperate than to see a man looking for flaps! All flaps buttoned down here, very bloody windy. Trouser weather only!

  14. Clodagh. Not 'Rodgers' but the name of the new storm. Not a Fanny in sight!

  15. Crikey, can you not wedge something against the door if you're not using it for a couple of hours, say a piece of wood with a chair in front, or an ottoman or perhaps stuff a blanket in the hole? Brrrr!!!

    Mary's a busy girl :)

  16. By the way, puppies think everything is a toy.

  17. By the way, puppies think everything is a toy.

  18. Heh, our cat flap has been a loose piece of soft suede leather, ever since the dogs pulled the actual door off years ago and we nailed on the leather as a 'temporary' measure. The cat still uses it, and it stops cold, heat or flies from getting in. I think our mistake was in putting the cat door on the side of the house where we return from having been out, so of course the dogs wanted to look out of it to see us coming and got frustrated with the door bit of it. They still do poke their heads out, suddenly popping their nose out from under the flap of leather. It is quite fun to see it startle visitors when a dog's head suddenly appears. :)

  19. Leave it to you to even make "The Wind IN The Willows" into something more clever-sounding (and slightly obscene). UP the willows, indeed. Glad you all survived the storm.

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