Saturday, 3 October 2015

Open Wide

I've done a full day shift today , most of it supporting 
strange nurses on a ward I have never worked on before
Staff shortages eh?
Anyhow I treated the Prof and I to salt and pepper squid from the takaway on the way home
It was ok
But well worth buying as I now know a certain bulldog can get 6 large prawn crackers into her mouth at one time......
Winnie has been with us for two years now
Her talents are neverending
Winnie flipping Chris' underpants 2 years ago!


  1. Delightful photo. Your Winnie could give my cats a lesson or two...

  2. I had to google both "salt and pepper squid photo" AND "prawn cracker photo" to have even a clue what your supper (and Winnie's) looked like - and it was not even close to what I was picturing. Although it did look good. Atta girl, Winnie!

  3. Replies
    1. Shes now an old lady AM X

  4. I can not believe Winnie has been with you for two years now !
    What talents she has.
    With my bad eyes I thought Winnie was wearing a Halloween mask.
    Big smooches to the pack

    cheers, parsnip

    1. I thought is was a mask, too. Great image, regardless.

  5. Better never ending, then unnerving
    Long days, deserve a simple break

  6. Replies
    1. Saturdays are slow ...

    2. You'd have increased comments if you'd brought in William shitting up the fridge while you were eating.

    3. Not like you to have a diva strop!!Must be something in the air, lately. x

  7. I love Winnie, such a dear girl. I had a Going Gently dream last night John. I dreamt I visited you and you served me a prawn cocktail. You are just as lovely in my dreams as you are in your blog pockets xxx

  8. I will always remember the first Thanksgiving that my husband and I had , hosting many friends and family.
    And our dog, a sweet beautiful girl .. slipped into the dining room and was caught, standing at the table, eating turkey.
    She didn't even look guilty. More like "what " ??

    She was a Borzoi .. gorgeous .. not too bright. Her name was Maya.

  9. and she's still a keeper, such a sweetie. I often think of Mabel.

  10. John, you have us all 'hanging by a thread'!! lol
    You are very talented ......must be where Winnie learned her tricks!!

  11. Her probationary period is over - guess you gotta keep her!

  12. I will keep her if you don't :)
    But I know there is no way you would not keep her !

  13. Lawdy, I can't tell who you're more moony-eyed for, Winnie or William. Poor Prof. Chris, playing third fiddle to a couple of eccentric canines.

  14. Totally off topic here John but have you watched The Returned. It is a French series in subtitles and I am almost (but not quite) ashamed to say that Tony and I watched 8 episodes pretty much back to back yesterday. Can't wait now for series 2. I found it on 'All 4'....

  15. Can't fault Winnie's snacking habits, I love prawn crackers myself.

    The pic with the Prof's skivvies? Priceless!

  16. Go Winnie ! Good job the Prof wasn't wearing them at the time !
    We had a Lab. that could get three tennis balls in his mouth at the same time, but we never tried him with prawn crackers ! Probably have stuffed the whole bag in, in one go !

  17. Two years ? Where has that time gone ? I love Winnie x

  18. The world would be a sadder place without Winnie.


  19. Brilliant photo, she's a character :-)


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