Sunday, 9 August 2015


 The 43rd Annual Show was deemed a sucess by a neatly dressed Auntie Glad just before we opened. She couldn't see the lavender bunting but we brought some down for her to hold and she got the commitee gently smiling by saying over and over again " how marvellous how marvellous"
It's been our biggest show to date.
556 entries this year ,including 54 international photos.....

And the flowers kept comming.......Chris opened the Show with a wonderfully animated speech on Friendship and tradition....( i'll post a photo of this later as Cameron took some when I was having a sneaking drink in the kitchen) and he praised Auntie Glad who recieved a huge round of applause....
So I have pisted a few photos below in different sections...
Thank you to tbe committee....Sailor John, Irene, Terry & Ann, Derek & Heulwen, Boffin Cameron, Carol, Julie, Meirion & Daphne for all of their hard work 
And thank you to all that supported the day 


  1. No doubt it was it that 'sneaky drink in the kitchen' that made you 'pist' these photos!

  2. Auntie Glad looks very nifty in her pretty dress - can't wait to see more pics of the Show. x

  3. I am loving the show photo's. Wish I was there ... Xxx

  4. I second leisha; it would be FABU to see all that in person! and to meet all the villagers also!

  5. Chris's speech was a really good start to a brilliant show. Well done to everyone who had a part .... and it was an honour to meet Auntie Gladys, she even got me to part with some more money for raffle tickets ;-)

  6. Aunt Gladys is quite the stylish lady - I bet she was a beautiful young lady in her time, too.

  7. Sue, i'm jealous that you got to meet Auntie Glad!

    lovely flowers, and I love Auntie Glad's sense of style.


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