Friday, 24 July 2015

People Watching

I am working all day tomorrow and as we are off to Kent on Sunday, after work , I will be taking Winnie and George to their babysitters in Prestatyn. Winnie is off to a friend who adores bulldogs ( I have told her to hide her own  slippers of sex) and George is off to my sister...hence my Saturday blog will be run tonight!
An award winning Novelty Veg( love the flat cap)
From the Prestatyn Flower Show

I did a stint of four hours on the gate of the Prestatyn Flower Show today... and the great British public didn't fail to make me smile somewhat wryly when they were asked for the £ 1.50 entry fee.

Crabby Old Lady : " HOW MUCH?"
Me : " Just £ 1.50"
She slammed 50p on the table " I only want to go in for 20 minutes"
Me: " It's still £1.50"

Another Crabby Old Lady " Do pensioners get in cheaper?"
Me :" No "
Crabby Old Lady " I've been coming for years, we have attended every show since 2000?"
Me: " So you've been entertained by us for 15 years then  !"
Crabby Old Lady " errr yes!"

Middle Aged Soak : " Do you have a beer tent?"
Me : " No but you could win a bottle of wine in the raffle"

Boy of seven " Have You a bouncy Castle?"
Me : " fraid not...but we do have a pirate party"
Boy " that's for babies"
Me: " Pirate babies!"

Woman: " where is the flower tent?"
Me: " It's the first tent to your left"
Woman : " do they sell cactus plants?"
Me : " no "

Man from Manchester " i've lost my wife"
Me " Where did you leave her?"
Man from Manchester " Poundland!"
Me :............speechless

Yes great fun! If you are local and want anice  day out tomorrow...go and have a look! And note
I got a first in the basket of vegetables and third place in the herbs !
Hey ho


  1. Now't as queer as folk. My partner is a volunteer driver for people needing to get medical appointments etc. Some people complain bitterly about the $3 they have to pay for the service and some just refuse to pay.

  2. Exciting stuff over there in North Wales, John.

  3. I do like that vege Picture, especially the jaunty mushroom cap. Indeed you get an interesting view of people when you do something like man the gate at the flower show. It can be quite validating , i almost feel quite normal after my encounters with the public ! Xxx

  4. When you get as old as crabby old lady, the cost of things will put you on your ear. I frequently have sticker shock. The wages are the basically the same and the costs are going through the roof.

  5. one pound and 50 p is a bargain. We can pay up to $20 CDN to get into a similar event over here.

  6. nothing like trying to get money from people.

  7. PETER KAY Is this the way to Amarillo?
    ME No it's The Samaritans Roadshow. Got a problem?
    PETER KAY Yes. Is this the way to Amarillo?
    ME No, it's the way to Rhyl!

  8. congrats on your winnings!

  9. I am halfway there, to being a crabby old lady. I weep sometimes too .. that gets me all kinds of looks ... and usually something sweet. Am I reverting back to the days when they gave me a lollipop to shut me up?? Have fun in Kent !

  10. Poundland? I hope he went back for her. Some people don't want to pay for anything. My dad was a very nice man, but he was cheap. He tried to get us into an amusement park one time without paying the fee. He said, But we'll only be there an hour or so. The cashier said it didn't matter. I was a little kid, and I knew they couldn't monitor how long we were there and tell us when to leave.

    We didn't go to an amusement park that day or any other. I amuse myself anyway.


  11. So, there IS a good use for Poundland after all!

  12. Excellent come backs on your part. You should have warned them who they were messing with.

  13. Excellent come backs on your part. You should have warned them who they were messing with.

  14. There's nowt as queer as folks .... specially round this neck of the woods. We're off to the CLA fair next .... I won't tell you what the entrance fee for that is!!

    I love your responses to them, and well done on the win and third place :-)

  15. Show us yer winning veg John!!! Do you have a photo to share? :-)

    1. If he doesn't..... I have .... I'll show all tomorrow :-)

  16. Winning veg, we haven't seen the garden

  17. Marvelous. Our four day village music festival is FREE.... but programmes of events are for sale. Incredible how many people ( usually from out of the village ) have just come for an hour so don't need a programme !

  18. What a great dialogue that must have been. People will always be cheap I guess. Greetings!

  19. Hope you two have a really wonderful break!

  20. I think the elderly question helps them to feel still in charge. Bless them.

  21. Lack of money puts the crabby in old people.

    You are a winner in so many ways, John.

  22. Good grief don't these people realise they're talking to an internet celebrity!
    On a more serious note, congratulations on the wins and i hope you both have a lovely break. :-)

  23. Obviously no bulldog class.

  24. Thanks for sharing with us who are not local. It feels as if I've attended (for free!). Shall I send you a bit?! ;)

  25. You've done such a wonderful job.

  26. You've done such a wonderful job.


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