Saturday, 4 July 2015

Gobbling Binmen & A Walking Dead Avacado!

We had a lie in this morning, only waking up at the noise of the bin men " gobbling " through the field gate at an over excited Bingley.
What is it when a group of men get together ? They turn into overgrown schoolboys.

The Village Conservation Group were all out in force this morning , planting out the communal flower beds and tubs and containers outside the School and Church and will admit that The Trelawnyd Green spaces look quite professionally tended to.
I snapped a quick photo of Animal Helper Pat as she worked on the Church Flower Bed

 The only other bit of gossip I have today is that I am not the only " Walking Dead" fan in the village. The old guy with the bad tempered shih Tzu from the pensioner bungalows pointed at me rather excitedly as I passed him today. At first I thought I'd either left a long roll of toilet paper hanging out from the back of my pants but as he was pointing to my torso, I reevaluated my guess to the fact that he had noticed that my weight loss at the moment is rapidly approaching a stone and a half!
As it turned out, however, he was in fact pointing to the third best Walking Dead T shirt I was wearing ( the one with Daryl Dixon muttering " sorry Brother" before he shot Dale in the head) Apparently he is a big fan and never misses an episode.
I told him he needed a zombie T shirt in order to prove that he was indeed a mega fan.....
He said he would see if he could find one when he was next in the market!

Off to bed...working later
And to finish
The latest in the novelty veg entries
A walking dead avocado!!!!!!!!
Keep em coming


  1. Gobbling Binmen sounds like the title of some vile porno film - perhaps part of a series - Pervy Parking Enforcement Offices, Massaging Nuns, Rampant ICU Nurses. If they put those on at La Scala, folk would be queuing round the block.

  2. Well done on the admirable weight loss! So pleased you weren't dragging toilet paper behind you.

  3. thank you for publishing the photo of pat; I like putting names with faces. the flower bed DOES look lovely!

    today is a national holiday for us, but I am always conflicted due to my british heritage (on my father's side). OTOH, the revolution began right here in my hometown!

    EVERYONE needs a lie-in on saturday!

  4. Now there's a title you won't see on a blog post very often. :)

  5. Another congrats on the weight loss!

  6. Will you be getting the Walkind Dead prequel? I think it begins in August. Covers the beginning of the whole shebang. I thought that avocado was a burnt up dead head at first.

  7. Think you may get lots of walking dead entries.
    Pat is doing a lovely job on the church flower garden!
    Try to get some rest before tonight ...

  8. That avocado is dead scary - don't put it where the children can see it! On second thoughts - perhaps it is my age group who would be scared by it. Kids don't seem scared of anything these days.

  9. That avocado scared me

  10. I just gutted and ate an avocado, should I post a photo , it can be the Walking Dead Avocado .
    My husband loved that show. I refused to watch it. Partly on principle, partly because it would prevent me from ever having the lights out again.

  11. John,

    Congrats on the weight loss, wish I had your determination.

    I love the walking dead, can't wait for next season to come out. And then there's fear of the walking dead coming in a couple of weeks.

    Love Mr. Potato head.........aka: Walker :-P

  12. Wow, does that avocado qualify, or what!? T-shirt worthy.

  13. Your blog titles are inspired! That avo is truly scary. I can't bring myself to watch TWD, too scary for me. Same with Game of Thrones, too bloodthirsty. (I gave up on that after Ned was despatched.) The church flower garden is lovely though.

  14. Your Church flower garden is fabulous !
    Great Walking Dead avocado.

    cheers, parsnip

  15. I've just been reading about a Walking Dead themed cruise in January 2016. The 3 day cruise goes from Miami to Nassua, and has only 2,200 available places. Will you be booking?

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  17. Haha! Love the Avocado!
    Have you seen our (New Zealand's) very own 'What We Do in the Shadows' ? I know it's not quite up to TWD standard, but I still think you would 'get it', unlike the otherwise dear friend two nights back who I forced to watch it.


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