Saturday, 13 June 2015

Amateur Dram Lives

Last night we attended a somewhat bizarre but entertaining night in the village Hall. " A Casserole of Comedy" was advertised as a night of humorous sketches performed by the Rhyl Parish Players to raise funds for Trelawnyd Church Funds and over sixty locals turned up at the door.
The Flower Show tables were covered with white tablecloths and were set up in lazy rows in front of the stage and as we sat down we were immediately served with small glasses of sherry by the church ladies.
The usual faces were all there. Auntie Gladys in her finest wool jacket, Irene from the Flower Show, Old Islwyn Thomas, Gaynor the Mad Organist, Mrs Trellis ......all seemed to enjoy little sketches even though some were truly awful and so unfunny it hurt.
My favourite moment was an oddball unfunny " heist" scene where four members of bank staff were supposedly locked in the vault by a robber. One moment, one of the characters shouted that her husband was in a coma and a voice piped up behind me " isnt he the lucky one!"
There was coffee and tea AND biscuits at half time, and a raffle and everything was typical parish council  fare which, as it turned out, was oddly sweet and comforting.
One of the sketches which was reproduced 
Lady night!


  1. Marvelous. I love local productions.

  2. Sounds like a nice evening to me.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I love amateur dramatics! We used to go to a local dinner theatre, and once or twice the productions were better than the originals.
    Great Julie Walters clip by the way. She reminds me of an aunt of mine, "an expert on all things" who has no idea how funny she is..!

  4. I bet you was home in bed by nine!

  5. I don't get out much - loved the video!

  6. Great skit!

    I bet the night was wonderful.

  7. These events are like entering a parallel universe.

  8. Each morning before I check my emails for work you are my first go to for a laugh. Today was a goodie with the you Tube clip. Thanks so much.

  9. Even if it is not funny at the time, it is funny in the re-telling.

  10. Reminds me of the time in the 1980's when I travelled from Boston to New York with a band I'd become friends with to see them play at CBGB's. It was a very late start, so to kill time we went to the improv comedy club next door. I have to add that at some point on the journey I'd developed some kind of throat infection, along with a slight nosebleed. I was NOT in social butterfly mode, and the added factor of the general vibe of New York was making me very grouchy.

    Anyway, the comedian on the bill that night was awful. He must have lived in a parallel universe, as all his observation gags fell flat. At the end of his set, he said "This is an Improv club, so ten end, can someone give me one word to improvise on".

    I got a bigger laugh than the poor guy did his whole set, by croaking, in a slightly Fennella Fieldingesque voice "Silence".

  11. Oh my goodness, I was in a similar event a few weekends ago, raising money to have my parents' and sister's church strengthened. It was SO TERRIBLE it was hilarious! A dear old guy of 80 plus with a walking stick trying to sing I'm Shy Mary Ellen, but he kept getting lost and starting again. SO much more fun than if he'd got it right. Every single act that involved a CD being played was delayed as the CD would not play. Luckily our act was a cappella, and loud and silly and I left shortly after. Familial duty only goes so far ;-)

  12. Wish we were there.


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