Thursday, 25 December 2014


This Christmas Card got to us yesterday
The envelope amused the postman no end
" you get a load of these strangely addressed cards and letters" 
he quipped the other day when a Christmas card from Canada arrived with
The overly simple address of
John  Gray, 
written on the envelope.
" There are a great many odd people out there" he joked
" there are a few very odd people living here" I answered.


  1. Brilliant ~ as it should be a Postie who knows his community.

  2. the US postal service would probably ignore something with a partial address; figure it wasn't worth their time to deliver. bless your postman!

    hope you are having a loverly holiday!

  3. Santa Claus, The North Pole...

  4. With our postal service, this would be a Christmas Miracle. Happy Christmas to you and yours and all of the flocks.

  5. Anonymous1:36 pm


  6. Aww, so wonderful that it found it's way to you! I love the fact that an address like would never arrive here in the States.

    Merry, merry Christmas dear John! And best wishes to dapper Dr. Chris, Meg, William, Albert, Winnie, and the rest of your household.

    Hugs and warm wishes! xx

  7. You have people working in sorting, I imagine.
    Happy Christmas.

  8. It's almost as though they were addressing it to Santa.

    Who lives here in Indiana, despite popular belief that he lives at the North Pole. We even have a town named after him... Santa Clause, Indiana.

    Google it. =P

    Happy Christmas to you and the Dapper Doc!

  9. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Happy Christmas's always a toss up for me sending to seems to take forever to get there.

  10. Rachel, South Norfolk, pissed, and four cats usually finds me.

  11. Thank heavens it didn't go to the wrong address!

    I've just cracked open a bottle of port (Waitrose's finest! - well maybe not), poured my first glass and I'm going to offer my first toast to you and to all your gang - oh, and to Chris too. Here's my first glug going down........Mmmmmmm. To you and yours, J.G. Merry Christmas! Have a MAHvellous day!

  12. And to think that all this lovely friendly interaction would never have happened with blogging........cheers to all the good people in the world.x

  13. British posties do seem to pride themselves on getting post to its destination, however vague or incorrect or totally barmy the address. May that wonderful tradition continue.

  14. I think I I'm going to try sending a postcard to Mr John Gray, Winnie's wiper, Trelawnyd.

    If that works I'll then try. The Odd Man with the Bulldog, Trelawnyd

    We could maybe have a reader's competition for the wierdest one to make it.

    Will be an interesting challenge (if I ever bother getting round to it.)

    Season's Greetings to you anyway lad. It has been fun meeting you in Blogland.

  15. That's priceless! Shows a lot of faith in (1) the Post Office and (2) your ability to make an impression on people! Have a wonderful Xmas, boys!

  16. Four calling birds,
    Three French hens,
    Two turtle doves,
    And a partridge in a pear tree.
    Would make the Ukrainian village complete. Bringing ten lords a-leaping into your front room would be crowded if the nine ladies dancing and the eleven pipers piping had already arrived. Quite a Christmas party!

  17. Best addressed letter !
    I draw on mine but this was so much better !

    cheers, parsnip

  18. No need for a post code do have a post code?

  19. In future I shall write to The Scotch Egg Dude, Trelawnyd, Somewhere in Wales.

  20. Happy Christmas to you both xx

  21. Brilliant.... our posties are the best aren't they :-)

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas xx

  22. This is when it's a good thing that everyone knows you!!

  23. It must be nice to be famous!

  24. Nice. I once received a letter addressed with just my Christian name and postcode. Postmen/women are wonderful people.

  25. Holiday greetings to you, Chris, and all the ani-mules! :)

  26. Far more pleasing than a postcode. Merry Christmas!

  27. I got far more appreciation from these comments than I have done over the last fortnight:-) We do pull out all the stops at Christmas for the thousands of badly addressed cards, people who don't use the postal service from one year's end to the next start putting things into the system and it's amazing how many people don't seem to know where their friends and family actually live and are too bashful to phone up and check the house number. Hope everyone had a great Christmas, best wishes 'Superpostie' x

  28. Glad it got there! (Guilty party!). Just hope your Wedding card gets there, (unless you want to email me your proper address and postcode?)
    Hope the rest of the hols are good for you and

  29. I love that.



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