Monday, 22 December 2014

Almost 2am

I've just done a 10 pm to 1am shift at Samaritans 
It's an odd shift cos it's busy and I never have the ability to go to bed as soon as I get home
as I always have a need to unwind for an hour or so before retiring!
In the end, I started to judge the best Christmas card we have received
this year!
Marks were given for originality , humour and style
And after 26 minutes of deliberation 
( I know get a life)
This is the winner!
A homemade card from blog reader Judith
My " oldest follower"
When I was on duty I did share with my fellow SAM my upset at
My secret Santa debacle 
He asked me what I would have liked to have been given and
I suggested 6 scotch eggs
The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon action figure

My colleague nodded very slowly
Very slowly
Hey ho
No one understands me
Nite nite


  1. My clock does not have a 1 a.m.on it, I am pretty sure! :O)

  2. And after nodding he slowly backed away. But really, who wouldn't want a Daryl action figure! Entirely reasonable, in my opinion.

    Glad you like the card. I feel compelled to confess that it is indeed home-made, but by a crafty friend, not by me. The jandals (or flip-flops, or thongs, whatever) are iconic summer footwear over here.

    1. Do I sense a fellow New Zealander? The card seems in keeping with a kiwi Christmas!

      Sleep well John, hopefully your chooks can lay some Scotch eggs for you.

  3. My first boss out of college sends the nicest cards every year...always placed in front.

  4. Scotch eggs, or Pork pies, why does no-one think to give such things. They're delicious, and once appreciated take up no valuable space. The perfect presents.

  5. As I said before, if I was your Secret Santa I could think of several great gifts. Who in the hell give antlers ?

    cheers, parsnip

  6. if I had your address I would have sent you a card, but alas...

  7. We poor Antipodeans are very confused over what Christmas traditions look like. Various mash ups of barbeques, roast dinners, hot and cold puddings, walks on the beach, midnight masses, carols about snow, winter, summer and pohutakawa (in NZ) are all good fun. Hey ho!

  8. Hopefully Chris does...and at least he shares your horror at the plastic antlers!

  9. Unless you have a fridge under the tree I guess scotch eggs would be difficult to give as a pressie. I always thought Secret Santa gifts were supposed to be a laugh rather than something to appreciate, but perhaps it's moved on since I was in an office.

  10. Great card ~ fortunately the animals understand you

  11. I didn't know you could get TWD action figures, so many opportunities missed! I can just imagine my families reaction with Daryl on the top of my tree :)

  12. Dare I say it... I am now watching 'The Leftovers'. Not as hooked as TWD. But it is filling in the void. plus the Policeman is rather nice looking. Even if the story is really odd at the moment. Check it out.

    I wonder if Cake Pop moulds could be used as quail scotch egg moulds? or even a protection for mini scotch eggs... I think I need to get out of the house...

  13. Well I have to be honest, it would be Daryl every time! I think it sucked your plastic reindeer thing and would have been upset as well I am afraid.

  14. That is a really good card.

  15. oh great, now I want a Darryl Dixon action figure too!
    hint to card with a note attached to purchase scotch eggs...duh!


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