Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Flower Show News and Duck coalitions

I need my eyes testing again. I took Chris to the station early this morning ( he's working in London for a few days) and waved energetically at my sister on her way to work only to realise that it was a young man with big hair.
Before coming home , I popped into tesco's for cat food  and received a slightly disapproving glance from the checkout girl, who noticed my pyjama bottoms sticking out under my trousers and the large coffee dribble stain on my t shirt ( which was back to front)
I'm not good in a morning
Now , I am squinting over the Flower Show correspondence which is spread out on the kitchen table.
The 2015 schedule was finalised at our meeting last night and  and it was agreed that the Show profits will be put towards three village initiatives this year
We will support and pay for one trip out for the Friendship Group, give a robust donation to the Conservation Group to help with the planting out of the summer flower beds and give another donation towards the National Urdd Eisteddfod which our county is hosting next year.,A school teacher from the village has been instrumental in raising cash to support this youth event .

I had a break from letter writing at 8.30 and went to treat the animals to some cheap white sliced bread. From out of the blue eight ducks shot past me in typical Indian file all of them quacking and's taken a while but the beautiful green cayugas have now joined the last two remaining hysterical Indian runners and four Aylesbury Ducks and have formed a nice cohesive new flock on the field.
Ducks are funny buggers........they desperately need to be part of a group

My sister in law and I are bunking off this afternoon...we are off to the cinema!


  1. Love those ducks. Have a good day x

  2. I do hope you recognise your sister in the dark cinema!

  3. How great to be able to extend the success of the Flower Show into the wider community. I have to add that I have acquired ducks too/two! Thankfully they look after themselves (I'm not a good animal husbandry person).A pair of wild Paradise shelducks have taken a fancy to my willow trees, green acres and suggestion of a stream. Occasionally they have to defend their spot against envious intruders. I haven't seen any of their pretty babies yet... PS I'm watching a lunar eclipse right now :-)

  4. I do hope you mange to spot your sister in law when you meet up. Definitely time to get your eyes tested!!

    And yes, Suky and Winifred definitely need a play date, (me to you or you to me?). :-)

  5. Ducks are cute. what film are you seeing?

  6. "I need my eyes testing again."...Looking at the title of this post you clearly do Mr G. What the hell is "buisness"?

  7. there is safety in numbers, as no doubt the ducks know :) enjoy the cinema, don't lose your SIL and remain charming with the dribble down your front. (the first thing I loved about Don were the food stains on his tie :)

  8. Love a duck....or 8! Are you going to see 'Gone Girl'? I hear it's very good. I read the book which was excellent.

  9. John, you certainly have your ducks in a row!

  10. Clearly, you should've gone to SpecSavers! (Had you blown the young man a kiss?)

    I look forward to your review - of 'Lilting'.

  11. Four more days John. Your walkers are much cuter.

  12. awwwwwwwww, I adore ! this photo !
    I assume that is one of the hysterical Indian runner ducks in the lead...
    Made me smile this morning.

    cheers, parsnip

  13. Get your ducks in a row !
    Ooh, you've already managed that.
    Enjoy the time with your sister.

  14. It was a great film wasn't it John. We talked about it all the way home. I don't think it will be our only trip!!! See you on Saturday at Ann and Tim's Harvest Supper. xxx

  15. Mornings are just not a good time of day for some of us. The rest of the world needs to understand that!

  16. I wonder why they go single file. The flocks of turkeys i see here do the same thing for the most part. It makes sense in fields where there's high grass and a small path, but when the verge is short, i don't see why. Guess it's habit.

  17. LOL! I love the bit about waving at your "sister."


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