Friday, 19 September 2014


  1. Anonymous1:53 am


  2. I remember when it first started and I was going to watch it... still have not.
    Maybe I can do some catch up at netflix.
    You seem to write about the the bad hair guy a lot and I remember there was someone else a policeman ? and there he is right in the middle of the photo.

    Good luck waiting.
    cheers, parsnip

  3. John
    Have some idle time tonight, checked this blog. What is this, the zombie show my daughter told me about? Is there any good drama in it, are there zombie surgeons, or, please, zombie intensiveists?? I'd like to get a part time job, I'm bored...could I just be a occasional zombie ICU attending? I swear, I'd walk with a lurch if necessary, arms out in front, whatever.
    A couple of chest injuries would just be icing on the cake if you would....what would be zombie CPR be like, slow motion? 15 compressions per minute?

  4. cant wait , but then im currently watching Outlander on pirate tv, very good if you like a fit bloke in a kilt

  5. Yikes, they're multiplying!!!!! Finally getting to watch the 4 episodes of Hinterland on Netflix.

  6. While you're cleaning John, please scrub up the living on WD. They are so dirty, it grosses me out. I expect that from the walkers, but the others should clean up more.


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