Thursday, 26 June 2014

Listen to them.......the children of the night........

After Chris' " do you know who I am ?" Strop, we now have a delightfully large and luxurious room overlooking the lake. Having said this, I have noted with some disappointment that we don't have blackout blinds......ok we are not quite in the " land of the midnight sun" but so far, it has never quite got dark...a weird phenomenon  for a Welshman who likes the night.
I've been awake since 4 am. It is now 5.30....
and I am contemplating fashioning a usable eye patch from a pair of Chris' underpants.
Hey ho

Breakfast starts in an hour
They do a lovely sausage !


  1. what beautiful music they make!

    (said in bela lugosi's voice)

  2. My grandmother was Swedish, she would make the most wonderful sausage, she called it Korv. (made with pork,beef,potatoes,onions and spices) They may call it Varmlandskorv, If you see it (you may have to inquire) try it! I hope you two enjoy your time in Sweden!

  3. Glad to hear you've had a room upgrade, still no tea making facilities, then call room service. Enjoy the break. xxx

  4. It's barely getting dark up in the north of Scotland at the moment - daylight at 11pm and not getting much darker after that - and I'm finding it difficult to sleep properly. I have thick curtain liners but the room is still far too light for me. Added to that, the birds are going bananas trying to outdo each other with their beautiful song before 3 am. Have a lovely time x

  5. Don't forget to remove the underpants when room service come in. xx

  6. Anonymous9:05 am

    Do you have a pattern (for the eye mask) to post. I could send you some of my patch work fabric, so you don't have to raid Chris's underpants drawer

  7. Are you going to wash Chris' undies first? I wouldn't bother, myself.

  8. I need to get our bedroom blind fixed...I will be hanging a dark blanket in it's place.
    I love the dawn chorus & don't mind the cats coming in through our bedroom window but... only if I can get back to sleep !!!

  9. Wot, no sil for brekky?

  10. I would have done exactly the Chris: "do you know who I am ?strop" thing! Please do take a photo of you wearing the eye patch. I can't sleep unless it is PITCH dark. xx

  11. Anonymous10:17 am

    In the city it is never entirely pitch black at night due to the light contamination from street lights and houses. We have blinds to darken the rooms.

  12. Chris is the partner of John of Trelawnyd...did they know that? and is a gay strop much different to any other? I would love to see you in the undies patches.....and I have always wanted to experience one of those 'light' nights.x

  13. Enjoy the view, sausage, light, sleep, kind of all of it.

  14. So no "goodnight sweet prince?" When vacationing one summer in Scotland I experienced the nightly daytime....very odd for a gal from Kansas!

  15. This is why I could never live in certain places, like Alaska for instance. I know someone who lived there and they said during certain times of the year it's daytime for 24 hours. I need my nightfall.

  16. I have a delightful image in my mind of you wearing Chris's undies on your head!

  17. If the sausage is thick enough, you could use a couple of slices taped over with some micropore (don't tell me as a nurse you don't have any in your toilet bag!), then if you get hungry, just pop them in your mouth.
    How much longer to endure all these light nights?

  18. I lived in Alaska long ago, and the first summer there we put aluminum foil over the glass in the windows. By the second summer we were quite used to it. In the years there we found we slept much less than in the Dec. the sun came up at 10am, traced a low path in the southern sky, and went down at 2pm.

  19. The clean ones, right?? Even here in the summer I never seem to get enough sleep for all the sunlight...but I still love the long, bright days, as long as I can have my AC. I'm not spoiled at all, am I?

  20. Yes…..I could see them working just fine…..ahhm….just make sure Chris is not in them at the time.

  21. I know who Chris is. He's the love of your life, and you are his. I would give you the best room ever.


  22. surely they have black out blinds built into the windows? there might be a button to make them come down in between the panes of glass. they did that in Norway when we went there...

    all scandi countries cost a bomb for alcohol unless it is made in the home

  23. I never realized the nights were not so dark in that part of the world. I should have, but I didn't. Ya learn somethin' new every day, if you're paying attention :)

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    1. Oh dooooo fuck offffffff

  25. I agree with everything ce8d632a-647c-11e3-94d3-000bcdcb2996 said above! At the Swedish hotel, let's hope they don't do your sausage!

  26. Scotland was bad enough. You really do need to Photoshop yourself into that photo. x

  27. I best Chris is MAGNIFICENT when he does a strop like that! Very sexy!

  28. Yes,the light nights, Used to be that i could sleep through them with no trouble, but now that i'm living in a place that truly does get dark at night, i find i awaken much earlier in the summer when the sun peeks over the horizon earlier.


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