Sunday, 2 March 2014

August Osage County

We went to see this this evening
and after two hours of bile
Chris was biting the back of the chair in front
I must admit , Streep & Roberts were on excellent form
But the film was an exhausting over indulgence
Into one family's dysfunction
Frothy it wasn't 
I did , however love Robert's line
" Eat the fish bitch!"


  1. It was a bit rough to sit through but I thought the performances of Streep and Roberts were fantastic.

  2. Anonymous11:25 pm

    I did not see that. I made an effort to see at least one Oscar nominee today. Have you seen Dallas Buyers Club? Wow. I hope Matthew M. wins.

  3. God, we never did find out what she was trying to say! I have no intention of seeing the movie so I will have to go on wondering.

  4. It's not the first time I heard that assessment. Not a movie for me.

  5. As you might have gathered from my own review I liked it a LOT, not finding it 'exhausting' at all. In fact I look forward to the chance of viewing it again - and maybe even again.
    Agree completely about Streep and Roberts. We've all known for many years what Streep is capable of, but J.R. was a particular revelation.

    1. I oh so WANTED to like it
      But to me it was all a bit overblown...... With shrieking bile at every turn .
      The dinner party scene was, however, a real cracker of a scene., and I loved the way Streep just flickered with the sudden realization of what was really going on dispute her drug taking.
      I actually think it was robert's' film.......
      Cumberbatch was dreadful btw

    2. Julia Roberts was also very good indeed in Patrick Marber's 'Closer'. I wonder if you saw that.

      As you mention the dinner scene I'm bound to ask if you ever saw that four-person domestic drama 'Carnage' (Kate Winslet/Jodie Foster etc) of 2011. A social meeting gradually and inevitably going off the rails before our very eyes. It's the most consistently funny film I've seen in the last, well, ten years probably.

  6. I must admit that the trailer knotted all the muscles in my neck and shoulders! xxx

  7. But Jon...I did say you should have gone and seen The Cat

    1. Thou were bloody right my friend x

  8. I have seen most of the movies up for the awards, but I did not want to see this one or The Wolf of Wall Street. Mean spirited people do not interest me and I hate all of Scorsese's films. I am willing to pay a high price for movies that entertain or teach me something and a bitchy scream fest is not worth my time and money.

    I loved Nebraska.

  9. My friend and I went cause we understand dysfunctional,


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