Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy ( a postscript to the previous post)

Now sometimes you see something which in genuinely uplifting
On the back of Pharrell William's video " Happy" below
Take a look at this version ( apparently a 24 hour video was shot)
Start the video at the 44 minute mark and watch the two women dancing along the street
And I dare you not to smile


  1. Hi John, just catching up after the holidays and would like to wish you and yours all that is good in 2014. Many thanks for sharing this and the other videos in your previous post ... absolutely love Pharrel Williams - anyone one who wears a shirt and tie with jeans and shorts has my vote - and his Happy number. Loved it the first time I saw it and haven't tired of it yet and those two women definitely brought a happy smile to my face. Elizabeth x

  2. I smiled. I would sing and dance in public more often if I had someone to do it with me. The Hurricane used to, but she's too grown up now.


  3. Love it. I used to be like that until I gave up my travelling life and now I wonder where that mad woman went

  4. Loved this John 'cause now I'm happy!!

  5. Very happy now!

  6. Ahhh Hollywood. I love how most of the folks smiled in reaction to the guy bopping down the street. :)

  7. That was Kelly Osbourne around minute 30!!

  8. I didn't know this song before; I love it! I have to confess, though if a camera crew approached me alone on the street and asked me to dance, I'd probably give them the cold shoulder.

    Now, if I were with a friend or two, especially after a few drinks, whole different story...

  9. The man boobs ruined the girls' spot on this video lol!
    I can't stop playing this song now!


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