Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Pea Froth? give over!

For lunch ( and wait for this one) I had Soya Curd, Beetroot and Nasturtium Leaves as a starter with Double Baked Ribblesdale Pudding and Smoked Croquette with pineapple pickle as a main. 
Yes we went to vanilla Black ,a favourite restaurant of Chris' for lunch, and yes, to my untrained eye the menu did look just a tad over the top.... But I must say, the intense flavours on some of the tiniest food piles I have ever seen in my life, were all rather impressive to say the least. chris chose a Brie ice cream which sounds absolutely bizarre, but which tasted divine and my pud ( Roasted White Chocolate and Cep Mushroom Custard and Tarragon Cream Cheese) did boggle my mind somewhat, for I didn't really understand the flavours that were on my plate.
But the experience was a wonderfully indulgent one and set me up perfectly for A CHORUS LINE over at the Palladium
Now I know I  am a bit of an oddity , but I am one of those rare creatures that actually enjoyed Richard Attenborough's film version of this all-American Musical. The stage version is much faster paced and more vibrant and I enjoyed it just as much as the movie production from 1985.
Leigh Zimmerman was especially impressive in her role as the aging and slightly shopworn dancer Sheila.....but after all, she does have all the best lines.i gave the whole glittery production an impressive 8/10

We were back on the train home by 6.30, after a lovely treat day out......
But after that " experimental" lunch... I was glad of the selection of Marks & Spencer sandwiches we bought at Euston before we left


  1. Our local foodie magazine featured a cold, white frothy soup with a few sprigs of greenery chucked on the top, and - bugger me - it looked EXACTLY like cat-sick, complete with grass.

  2. A meat and potato pie, and a custard tart, would have been my choice :)
    Glad you both enjoyed the musical, at the Palladium no less....

  3. You never get enough food on your plate with those artistic dinners and you pay a fortune for it as well.

  4. Sandwiches on the way back? No scotch eggs?

  5. Hello human,

    All we are saying is give peas a chance.

    No spotted dick to be had?

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  6. so chris took the boy off of the farm! sounds like you had a grand time. i liked the movie too. i'm a sucker for musicals! what's happening with the pup?

  7. I'll have that starter any day!
    Jane x

  8. Anonymous12:22 am

    That lunch certainly sounds interesting...brie ice cream...hmmmmm. I think it's good for us to do or eat something totally different every once in awhile. Gets us out of our rut...although I do love my rut.
    So glad you enjoyed the day!

  9. Sounds like a well deserved day out for you two. :)

  10. Anonymous1:25 am

    I'm glad you enjoyed your lovely treat day.... Strange food though.

  11. I'm all for new flavours and experiences, but don't give me tiny portions.

  12. Ooh John Partridge looks gorgeous in that photo.....anyhoo...I too love musicals but the thought of eating anything that looks like it came out of either end of a cat is not thrilling really...although I bet the flavours were gorgeous....sounds like you had a smashing day.

  13. Hmmmm.....I sense a throwback to those bad old days of 'nouvelle cuisine'. Note: I did not say "throw-UP" because it actually sounds rather appetising.
    But maybe you left the restaurant somewhat unsatisfied, thinking that you now fancied a generous helping of fish and chips. Your purchase of M & S sarnies is a slight indicator.

    Glad that 'Chorus Line' went so well. (Aren't they closing down the run earlier than expected because of disappointing box office bookings?)
    Just who IS that hottie in the publicity shot? He gives me a tingle in my southern regions. I want to see it even more now.

    I actually also don't dismiss the Attenborough film to the extent that just about all critics have. The test is whether I can watch it over and over again - and it passes.

  14. You do make me smile John, glad you had some sarnies.
    The only time I've ever had lobster was in the form of a froth !
    I've never seen Chorus Line but should do. Bet you are glad to be home. It's always great to do to the big smoke, especially for a musical, but always nice to get home.

  15. I really don't 'do' that sort of cooking and eating. I'll throw some pea shoots into a dish for the flavour but 'froth' and artistic arrangements ... no way.

    Lovely Hubby is very used to his meals being doled out like the porridge in the BBC production of 'The Mill' (only I do let him have a plate .... if he's been good!).

    A really good friend of ours has a beautiful restaurant and hotel that churns out artistically cooked and plated meals like the one in your picture, he pops pictures of his chefs 'masterpieces' on Facebook, but I just can't bring myself to click 'Like' when all I'm thinking is 'where are the chips?'

  16. I think I like good wholesome food best of all. I don't really like food that has been 'played' with that incude stacks, jus or froth! Glad you managed to get some sandwiches to fill up on.

  17. Reading that menu I think you would have to taste it to appreciate it. It reminded me of the old lady in The Vicar of Dibley who used to put lettuce and marmite as a filling in her victoria sandwich.

  18. I don't know what any of those luncheon foods are. We went out last night and I had a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and provolone.


  19. Not sure that lunch would be my kind of thing - bit too exccentric and Heston-y; but it sounds as if you had a fab time :-)

  20. I would love to try such a meal, our horizons need expanding every now and then.

  21. I'm glad you gave the oddities a chance. Britain really has some great chefs making waves these days. Our meal at the Artichoke outside London was one of the best Miss Chef and I have ever had (even better than Joël Robuchon's Atelier in Paris). There's room for all kinds of food in this big old world; Miss Chef and I can be just as overwhelmed by a big ol' box of Velveeta Mac'n'Cheese as by crayfish foam and shaved truffles.

  22. I like to have experimental meals now and again. Some of my own experiments in the kitchen aren't quite as artful, although i'd like to think they don't all look like cat sick (Mr Stephenson's comment had me in stitches).

    All in all, sounds like a wonderful evening.

  23. I don't think I could have eaten that, haha. But glad you enjoyed it!
    Have a great Friday, John. ♥


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